Ripped off fr---er, inspired by the sadly defunct Toastyfrog webfeature Evangelion Thumbnail Theater, the Nadesico TT is a compendium of the entire series, distilled and squeezed down to the point where nothing remains except its creamy nougat center. (Basically highlighting the cool stuff and skipping most of the filler). This webfeature has been written (and is brought to you by) special guest writer Kevin Hanson.

Nadesico: The TV series is the property of ADV films and a bunch of other people. This is a fan site up purely for fun. This is NOT a commercial site selling any type of product and if you're a brain-impaired Canadian lawyer who thinks otherwise, please, read the whole damn site before you start sending Kevin threatening letters. (Otherwise he'll smack you upside the head with a copy of the Fair Use in Copyright Act...)

Episode 1: To Go Like A Man!

Episode 2: Leave the Blue Earth To Me

Episode 3: A Goodbye That Came Too Soon!

Episode 4: Charmed By Aqua Space

Episode 5: Ruri's Navigation Logs

Episode 6: Sort Of Like A Fateful Decision

Episode 7: The Song That You Will Sing One Day

Episode 8: The Lukewarm "Cold Equation

Episode 9: The Miracle Operation Of "The Kiss"?

Episode 10: The Dangers Of "Femininity"

Episode 11: Finding Yourself In A "Routine Plot"?

Episode 12: Those Unforgettable Days

Episode 13: There Is No Single Truth

Episode 14: Let's Go With Hot-Blooded Anime

Episode 15: The Significant Other From A Star Far Away

Episode 16: The Beginning Of Nadesico's War

Episode 17: A Reunion That Came Too Late

Episode 18: Echoes Of Self, Echoes Of Water

Episode 19: You're The Next Captain Of The Nadesico!

Episode 20: Run Silent, Run Deep

Episode 21: The Meadows We Once Ran Across

Episode 22: Protect The Visitor?

Episode 23: A Place We Call Home

Episode 24: Ubiquitous Righteousness

Episode 25: Being Myself, Being Yourself

Episode 26: For The Lady We Will Meet Someday

Nadesico: Blank of Three Years

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Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven
Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten
Part Eleven

Nagare Akatsuki's Guided Tour of Nadesico Fanfiction

Nadesico: The TV series is the property of ADV films and a bunch of other people. This is a fan site up purely for fun, yadda yadda yadda...

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