Episode 23: A Place We Call Home

Ruri: ON OUR LAST EXCITING EPISODE OF DRAGO- Nadesico, we mutinied against Nergal. We thought we were going to get away with it, but we only sort of did.

Erina: Well, it'll be two weeks before this ship's fit to move.

Akatsuki: Yeah, we sort of ran off all the GOOD crewmembers, didn't we? How about the replacements?

Goat: Are you familiar with the 1987 NFL season? They're about THAT good.

Akatsuki: Que sera, sera. It's all good, we've got a brand-spanking new battleship coming online soon.

Goat: This over-the-shoulder glare probably means nothing.

Yukina: I don't care if your pedophile dad is on TV. Get out there and waitress.

Yurika: Oh, all right. Check out my MAD rote memorization SKILLZ!

Jun: Yeah, you rock, Yurika!

Akito: Oh, please, it doesn't change the fact that she's a screwup. But, I suppose we all fucked up in the end. Oops, was I supposed to be cooking?

Minato: Hey, Yukina, would it bother you too much if I smothered you with motherly affection while we do the laundry?

Yukina: Well, I guess not.

Minato: So, where do you suppose everyone else is? I haven't seen them on VH1 yet.

Akatsuki: Paperwork sucks. I want to get back to manipulating people and macking chicks.

Erina: Stop whining. By the way, what are we going to do about the third wheel over there?

Akatsuki: I guess we'll have to make… arrangements… for Mr. Lummox here.

Goat: ...

Akatsuki: And the missing crewmembers?

Erina: Only Hoshino, Subaru, Amano and Maki are unaccounted for. Everybody else is being watched by Big Bitch.

Akatsuki: Hmm. Maybe they're a threat, maybe they're not. Well, if Yurika and Akito's group get uppity, off them.

Prospector: Uh oh, they're going into Ruthless Faceless Corporation Mode. For those of you scoring at home, this is my third snooping escapade of the series. Now let's have a look at what the rest of the crew are doing in lieu of blowing people up, shall we?

Howmei Girls: Working in a library is a pain in the ass!

Megumi: Back to the magical girl shows for me. I play the villain, naturally. But, uh, things are starting to get creepy. It's almost like we're using the show as propaganda for the war-

Erina: Brilliant, Holmes. So, uh, quit whining and we won't bother you.

Megumi: FUCK OFF!!!

Erina: Bitch.

Megumi: I'm a tool! A tool!

Men in Black: Get her.

Robot: Hey, Megumi, I realize you're a tad busy, but would you care for a little chit-chat? Uh, stand aside. *BLAM BLAM ASSKICK*


Seiya: I've still got it. C'mon Megumi!

Megumi: Uh, wow, fancy meeting you here.

Seiya: Well kid, in case you haven't noticed, we're all being watched by Nergal. Uh, except for a few of us.

Izumi: Bad puns are just the thing to keep sane in these trying times.

Ryoko and Hikaru: You seem a little creepier every time you open your mouth.

Seiya: Long story short, Nergal yoinked Omoikane, so we can't talk to the others.

Megumi: Divide and conquer, huh?

Seiya: Hey, it could be worse. At least we have what I could only call a sorry excuse for personal freedom.

Megumi: So how long is this BS gonna go on?

Seiya: You want the answer in geological time?

Akito: Woo hoo! I'm a good cook after all! Not that anyone ever said otherwise, but hey.

Inez: So, uh, you of all people, staying here?

Howmei: Well, y'know, work to do, mutinies to facilitate.

Omoikane: Psst! Did you really think I'd let Nergal wipe me out?

Ruri: Uh, hey, Megumi.

Megumi: Eh? Ruri in a cat suit?

Ruri: Keen grasp of the obvious, Megumi.

Nadesico logo: Go ahead fanboys, let it all out.

Ruri: Hi, everyone, I've been hiding out on the ship and pulling the wool over Nergal's eyes. *grin*

Seiya: Ruri actually smiled, didn't she? That means this episode is going to start rocking in about three minutes.

Ryoko: Okay, girls, let's get ready to kick ass and possibly take names.

Yurika: We out, Akito.

Akito: Okey-dokey.

Jun: I'll ignore the slight to my manhood from this boss shmuck and come too. Aw, man, they cut me out of the picture, too?

Akito: Allow me a brief moment of philosophy before we start whipping butt again.

Prospector: Pay no attention to the average middle-aged man hauling this ramen cart.

Ruri: Oh, dear, we may have to get rough, Omoikane.

Omoikane: SWEET.

Prospector: Ooops, did I just whip the guards' asses? Too bad, so sad.

Ruri: Hi everybody, I'm locking the doors on you. Uh, no hard feelings, okay?

Guards: SHIT.

Akatsuki: A mutiny, eh? This ain't no thang. They won't get away with it.

Prospector: ...

Goat: *yoink*

Ryoko: Hey, uh, hi guys.

Jun: Jesus! This communicator is like a cell phone while driving times three! *SCREECH*

Ryoko: Let's roll, cap! And try to keep those guys off our backs, Tenkawa.

Akito: Why do we always have to do this the hard way?

Yurika: THIS IS ANIME™, duh!

Akatsuki: Color me embarrassed! That wacky-ass ogre Goat Hoary took the master key! What a riot!

Prospector: I suppose we need to figure out how to pick up everyone, huh?

Goat and Ruri: Less talkie, more ramen.

Ryoko: Not firing back sucks.

Yurika: Uh, do you mind? I'm fantasizing about opening a restaurant in this area with Akito.

Nergal Pilots: Uh, stop? Pretty please? *RATATATATATATAT*

Jun: Shyeah right. And monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Yurika: Hey Nadesico! I'm BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

Ruri: Oops, did we just destroy Nergal's dock busting out? Aw well, too bad.

Akito: Those meanies! And I'm on a 30-minute power limit.

Yukina: Uh, shoot them, maybe?

Akito: Naw. Good thing these are only 25-minute episodes.

Minato: Uh, hey, it's recharging. Which means…

Yurika: Hewwo!

Seiya: Well, see you, dear. I'm off to tweak my bolts.

Seiya's wife: Aw shit, not again.

Seiya: Chill babe, I'll be back. I've become… The Family Man!

Yurika: Head for space!

Goat: There's that pesky Big Barrier again.

Prospector Eh, it's no match for an Original H4XX0R like yours truly. We're just one big happy fleet, after all! *type type type*


Yukina: Okay, let's go to Jupiter and meet my brother.

Ruri: You can stop the Michael Jackson pose now… please?

Erina: We got played again. Mr. Chairman. Nergal has egg, bacon, and whatever breakfast condiments you could ask for all over its face.

Akatsuki: Well, they say to be careful what you wish for. No sweat, we've got that new ship. Right, Doctor?

Inez: ...

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