Episode 21: The Meadows We Once Ran Across

Ruri: Whoa, I'm laying on the metaphors again. But that's okay, because we're going to have another DEEP AND MEANINGFUL episode this time.

20 Minutes Ago

Seiya: Oh Christ, the time narrative's all screwed up just like that one episode of Seinfeld. Get on yer bikes.

Akatsuki: But I'd rather wuss out!

Seiya: Aw, qwitcher bitchin'.

Goat: Since when were you a wuss anyway?


35 Minutes Ago

Izumi: I see dead people.

Prospector: Rrrriiiiiiight.

8 Minutes Ago

Akatsuki: Um, hey bro. Any particular reason you came back from the dead?

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Yurika: This is a hell of a time to play mahjong.

Ruri: Well, at least we get to use our memories as tiles.

Young Akito: *PEDDLE PEDDLE*

Young Yurika: *giggle*

54 Minutes Ago

Genichiro: I'm gonna kick your ass from here to right over there/
Oh yeah muthafucker, I'm gonna kick your fuckin' derriere!

Ryoko: Any particular reason they jumped right past us and went for the ship?

Ruri: Um, we're about to get violated.

Ryoko and Akito: The hell we are! *BOOM*

Jun: I think they might be trying to distract us.


80 Minutes Ago

Goat: We're going to the dark side of the moon… to "make their heads explode with dark forebodings too."

Ryoko: Uh, but don't they have a brand spankin' new weapon?

Inez: So do WE, duh.

Seiya: And it's pretty COOL!

Inez: Outta my way, nerd. Long version, we're going to use the Y-Unit to rip the fabric of space asunder on the Jovians. Short version, we are going to FUCK their asses up.

Yurika: Uh, but we're gonna have to hustle to be in position. So let's all offer a quick prayer that Murphy's law doesn't try to plot-twist-rape us again.

Erina: Hey Tenkawa, I need you!

Akito: Oh hell, I'm still trying to sort out the Yurika/Ryoko thing, now SHE'S-

Erina: NOT LIKE THAT. We're going to try jumping you using CCs instead of a Chulip.

Akatsuki: Cool. I wanna jump too!

45 Minutes Ago

Erina: Okay Akito, try not to fling yourself five years into the future or something when you jump.

Yurika: You can always back out, y'know!

Ryoko: For sure!

Ruri: Here they come.

Akito: I… am… OUTTA HERE! *FLASH*


Ryoko, Erina, Inez and Akatsuki: …whoa.

Akito: *FLASH* Huh huh-huh… that was cool. Eat burning missile death, battleship! *BOOM*

Genichiro: Aw hell, not AGAIN.

Tsukumo: Genichiro, you suck! What the hell do you think you're doing? Fall back!

Genichiro: Aw come on, don't get all soft now! Phooey.

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Yurika: So, like, all of a sudden Akito's getting all bad-ass.

Inez: Yeah, well, it's just his repressed childhood fantasies of being a hero coming out.

Akito: Damn you, Freud!

Inez: Aw, don't sweat it.

Jun: Uh, yeah, at least you're not wussing out and making us all save your ass any more.

Akito: Hero, hero! What is the word, what is the thing-oops, I'm obsessing over Gai's death again.

Yurika: Well, at least you're getting to live your fantasies out, right?

Hikaru: Except he's sort of killing people in the process.

30 Minutes Ago

Ruri: Uh, the Y-Unit is acting bratty.

Seiya: I'll say! I'm pretty sure electrified floors and disabled gravity weren't designed to be in the access corridors!

Minato: Well, looks like we're screwed again. So much for the plan.

Goat: Get the pilots in there and make them fix it.

Prospector: There's just one teeny weeny problem. They're all even more psycho than usual.

34 Minutes Ago

Yurika: GASP.

Jun: GASP.

Ryoko: GASP.

Hikaru: GASP.

Ruri: GASP. Um, is there any particular reason Yamada and some other transparent guy are standing around on the bridge?

18 Minutes Ago


Izumi: I'm a sex fiend.

Akatsuki: I'm all giddy like a schoolboy! Tee hee! Hey Akito, race you for the captain! Hee hee!


Izumi: Uh, hey guys, knock knock. Ready, willing and able woman five feet away from you… sheesh. Why are they always after the captain?

Minato and Megumi: Men suck.

Erina: Not that I'm jealous or anything, but, uh, they're all acting really weird.

Minato: Uh yeah, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

15 Minutes Ago

Ryoko: Mommy, I'm scared!

Hikaru: I'm speechless.

Jun: Bwaahahahahahaha! Kill! Rend! Maim! Blow Stuff Up In General! *RATATATATATAT*

Nadesico logo: There's something VEWY SCWEWY going on awound here.

40 Minutes Ago

Tsukumo: Um, this is a crusade for peace, right? Is there any particular reason we're not pursuing any kind of peace except genocide?

Vice Admiral Kusakabe: Hi kids, I'm an evil bastard. Anyway, we haven't been trying diplomacy because, uh, it wouldn't work?

Tsukumo: Fortunately, I've got a plan! It's called…

Genichiro: Tsukumo, you suck!

Tsukumo: I guess that means it sucked when I saved your life too, huh?


Tsukumo: Okay, NOW I'm scared.


Tsukumo and Genichiro: Do you mind, squirt? We're staring at Nanako's tits.

Yukina: Turn that stupid show off and explain this "peace treaty" crap!

Genichiro: You sissy, Tsukumo! Do you not understand the concept of "Earthlings are evil and must die"?

Tsukumo: Uh, well, peace is sort of a nice thing, you know?

Yukina: Look, assmunch, I know all about your obsession with that Minato chick from Earth!

Tsukumo: Uh… hee hee… did that happen too?

Yukina: I could puke!

Hilary Haag: Well, they definitely didn't cast me against type this time. Once again, I'm the obnoxious younger sister character.

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Inez: Hmm, somehow all our minds have merged to become a group consciousness. I'll demonstrate the point by dredging up Yurika's most embarrassing childhood memories.

Yurika: It was just a phase!

Ruri: Idiots.

Ryoko: So, uh, if we're here… our bodies?

Inez: Invasion of the Anime Body Snatchers. Whatever we're doing in the real world, we're definitely not doing it like we normally would.

10 Minutes Ago

Akito: DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!!!!!!!

43 Minutes Ago

Ruri: Well, Akito jumped just fine.

Akatsuki: My turn! *FLASH* Huh?

Erina: Uh, you were going to kill yourself trying, so I stopped the jump.

Akatsuki: Shit! Damn you, brother!

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Inez: So when your big brother up and died, you had a bunch of responsibility you didn't want thrown on you, right?

Akatsuki: Who would have guessed I of all people would wind up angsting?

8 Minutes Ago

Izumi: …aren't

Akatsuki: …you…

Akito: …dead?

Goat: Uh… they're just standing there?

Jun: Shoot! Blow up! Explode! Smash! Yee-haw!

Ryoko: Waaaaaaah!

Prospector: This is getting pretty fucked up, right here.

Megumi: So when's Ms. Fressange going to explain?


Akito: Um, Gai, is there any particular reason you're stopping me? You could maybe say something?

Ruri: Get a clue, Tenkawa. You guys are stopping yourselves.

5 Minutes Ago

Akatsuki: Um, brother, would it be too much for me to ask if you would stop haunting me?

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Ryoko: So that guy standing there is your fiancé, Izumi? But you've got no ring.

Hikaru: He's dead. She had another one before him but he died too.

Izumi: I guess this has to pass for my character development. At least everybody knows why I'm all screwed up now.

5 Minutes Ago

Izumi: The hell with living. Aw shit, I keep forgetting you can't hug a ghost. My life sucks.

Mysterious Quasi-dream Sequence

Inez: See, kids, Izumi and Akatsuki are afraid of losing loved ones. Akito's just a chickenshit about dying.

Akito: I ain't no fraidy cat!

3 Minutes Ago

Gai: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Akito: Okay, maybe I'm scared, but I've got a reason to be!

Gai: Don't need reason, don't need rhyme/
Ain't nothin' that I'd rather do!

Akito: Of course, that's it! There's no big reason for anything that happens! Except for Kia Asamiya screwing with my life, that is. We all know that's because he's a sadistic bastard.

2 Minutes Ago

Megumi: Uh, there's the baddies.

Goat: *sigh* THIS IS ANIME™, so I guess we're going right down to the wire.

1 Minute Ago

Akito: These time increments are getting to be overkill. Um, any particular reason my, Izumi's and Akatsuki's memories are plastered all over viewscreens in here?

Robot: Hey there, I've been hacking into your memories. Was that wrong?

Akito: Say hello to my LITTLE FRIEND! *RATATATATAT*


Goat: Okay, we're ready to rock, just in time.

Ruri: Of course. Sheesh.

Yurika: Let's mess 'em folks up!



Goat: Whoa, trippy.

Yurika: Uh, this whole episode has been pretty disturbing.

Ruri: Duh.

15 Minutes From Now

Inez: Well, best I can put it, that Jovian used the computers inside those of us with the IFS implants as hacking targets.

Ryoko: And the group mahjong session?

Inez: It thought our communicators were a network. When it hacked them, all our memories got thrown together.

Prospector: Any particular reason why it did that?

Inez: Unfortunately, that's going to be a plot thread left dangling.

Yurika: Hey, uh, Inez and I never got IFS implants, did we?

Inez: Well, it's better the audience keeps thinking that or it'll suck all the humor out of the end of episode 26.

Minato: Curiouser and curiouser.

Vice Admiral Kusakabe: Okay Tsukumo, I sent your peace ambassador to the Nadesico.

Tsukumo: Er… huh? I picked one?

Genichiro: Zinged ya!


Erina: You won't do any more jumps? Come on, wuss, Be All You Can Be!

Akito: Erina, get a clue. And some tact, while you're at it. Your bastardization of the term "heroism" is reaching Ronald Reagan proportions

Mysterious Quasi-Dream Sequence

Akito: Uh, hey Inez, is there any particular reason Ai's face is on some of your tiles?

Inez: Er, didn't you see that two frames of footage of me as a kid back in episode 7? No? Well, don't feel too bad, I didn't either.

Yurika: Aw, Akito and me on a bike! Isn't that just the CUTEST THING EVER???!! At least until I fall off and crack my head open and his dad slaps him down again or something.

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