Episode 15: The Significant Other From A Star Far Away

Ruri: So here I am, still with the idiots. I need a new agent.

Admiral Munetake: Manned robot = Jovian on board. Find him!

Jun: Oh, gripe.

Seiya: Yeah, really. Hey, wait a minute, I changed my mind, this gives us the opportunity to invade the chicks' privacy in ways we haven't even contemplated before. Let's get him!

Erina: Well, I guess I'll be ticking down the hours until I get my precious pawn back.

Prospector: You like him!

Erina: Do not!

Yurika: Step OFF from my man, bitch.

Erina: Grrrr. Let's come THIS close to having a catfight. Naw, I'll just explain myself instead. You see, captain, Akito is the key to the fact that you all survived the boson jump from Mars. Got it?

Yurika: Sure do! It means that ho Ms. Fressange is trying to bogart my man!

Inez: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Erina's right, captain.

Jun: I hate my life. And this stupid costume.

Seiya: OMG OMG I am SOOOOO smart! Gekigangar merchandise strewn everywhere is the PERFECT trap!

Minato: For the 7000th time, I am not getting off the ship.

Goat: If you keep saying that, I might just have to dump you…

Minato: And we all know I'd NEVER be able to find another guy.

Ruri: Hi. I heard everything.

Ryoko, Izumi and Hikaru: Us too.

Goat: I hate my life.

Megumi: So now I'M watching Gekigangar too. And, uh, I know this show was made 100 years before I was born, but… GOD THEIR ACTING SUCKS.

Tsukumo: Don't touch that dial!!!!!!

Megumi: Um, since when do giant rabbit plushies talk?

Erina: So, exactly why did you become a captain anyway?

Yurika: Because I'm not Daddy's little girl, but, uh, everybody THINKS I am.

Erina: God, you just bury the needle on the Ditzometer, you know that?

Minato: Lay off her.

Inez: She is SORT of right, you know. Whoops, did I just show up out of nowhere again? So exactly what are your plans, captain?

Yurika: Uh, well, I guess ending the war would be nice…?

Ryoko: That sounds like a plan to me.

Erina: Okay, losers, I'm going to be RUNNING Nergal within three years. Beat that.

Yurika: Well, we can't all be superstars.

Seiya: If there is a "bath house" scene in an anime, there MUST be a "bath house peeping" scene. So, uh, it's not my fault if me and my boys get caught.

Hikaru: *PINCH* I would say you're busted.


Yurika, Erina, Ryoko, Izumi, Inez and Minato: Intruder??? Admiral, XPLN PLZ.

Admiral Munetake: Why me? Why always me?

Ruri: Because you suck, of course.

Nadesico logo: Fanservice is good.

Akito: Well, I'm still stuck on the moon. Y'know, I feel a bit guilty that that cannon fodder chick bit it in my place.

Yurika: So if there's a Jovian spy on board, that would mean they're humanoid or something, right?

Jun: Well, yeah, but humans have never gone past Mars, right? RIGHT?

Minato: Ho, BRING YO ASS.

Megumi: Um, just a minute, I-

Minato: Er, who's that?

Tsukumo: Busted. What's up? I'm Tsukumo Shiratori, and I'm a Jovian officer.

Minato: Uh, humans have never gone past Mars.

Tsukumo: Well, you know how they say the winners write the history books? We weren't the winners.

Minato: All right, Tsukumo, we're smuggling you out in a basket of bras and panties. Try not to drool and nosebleed all over everything.

Goat: Now's not a good time to do the laundry, morons.

Minato: Step off!

Goat: Make me.

Tsukumo: What utter lack of chivalry! You sicken me… whoops, busted again.

Akito: Another weird nightmare about a mysterious floating fortress. I should ponder it.

Genichiro: Sorry to bust up your pondering, Earth wuss, but I'm here to attack the moon! *BOOM*

Akito: All right, I'll save everybody. But why exactly are you giving me a mech to fight with?

Nergal Executive: Well, it sort of has to do with wanting to protect that ship under construction over there. Meet Nergal's ND-004 Shakuyaku, the fourth Nadesico-class battleship.

Akito: ND-004? Wait a minute, why isn't there an ND-003?

Nergal Executive: Shhh! Mum's the word, or the end of episode 24 will get really complicated.

Genichiro: I rock. Huh?

Akito: Hi there, I'm here to kick your butt.

Prospector: Well, his DNA's a bit kooky but otherwise he's human.

Tsukumo: You're damn right I'm human, Earth jerk!

Ruri: Captain, Akito's sort of in deep shit.

Yurika: In that case, off we go to save him!

Erina: Shouldn't we be placing a bit more emphasis on the fact that we have an enemy spy and Megumi and Minato were collaborating with him?

Minato: Erina, did you have your ovaries surgically removed or something?

Akatsuki: Well, I don't see anything wrong with usurping the captain to perpetuate the myth that the Jovians are inhuman. Sorry, bud, but you're gonna have to die. Huh? *WHANG*

Minato: Run for it, Tsukumo.

Tsukumo: But I'm supposed to be a prisoner?

Megumi: Your jailer is unconscious on the floor, lamebrain.

Jun: I'll be the hero and stop the Jovian from escaping!

Tsukumo: How about I shoot you instead?

Gun: *BLAM*

Akito: Eat rail gun!

Genichiro: Eat gravity blast!

Akito: Whoa, hold up. You're human?

Yurika: Hey, Akito! Great job getting your butt kicked.

Genichiro: Aw, shit. I'm outta here. *FLASH*


Erina: Way to go, captain. The prisoner's escaped and Megumi and Minato are with him.

Jun: ARGH not to mention I URGH got shot in the OWWW leg!

Ryoko: Dammit, I suppose we have to hunt them down.

Akatsuki: Seems that way.

Yurika: I'm tagging along!

Akito: Me too!

Yurika: After all, I'm the one who fucked up!

Akito: Humans, they're really humans, the Jovians are really humans, they're humans like me, they're-

Ryoko: Both of you, shut up! Let's rock.

Yurika: Y'know, Akito, you're kind of creepy when you're mad.

Akito: ……………………………………..CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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