Episode 17: A Reunion That Came Too Late

Ruri: Uh, I hope the audience would understand that finding out everything we’ve been fighting for is a lie has been a wee bit of a shock. Oh, and Megumi just dropped Akito like a hot brick. Will the real love interest please stand up?

Yurika: Uh, where’d everybody go?

Ruri: Well, my theory of everyone on this ship being a head case has now been officially proved. They’re all in therapy with Ms. Fressange.

Yurika: Woo hoo! Akito glomping opportunity! I’m all giddy like a schoolgirl!

Ruri: What did I do to deserve this, God?

Jun: Well, upon further review, it’s not the "killing people" aspect of the war that I have a problem with, but rather the "deception" aspect. Of course, there’s always the "Yurika ignores me" aspect to obsess over.

Minato: Men suck.

Megumi: Psst, don’t tell anybody, but uh, I did some voice acting in hentai too.

Inez: Is it possible for you to stop with the lame puns for a few minutes so I can get a good idea of your problems, Izumi?

Izumi: You oughta know me better than that.

Erina: Psst, captain, we all know where your one-track mind is directed, but we sort of have a major issue to discuss.

Akatsuki: And those two are moping again. Puuuullllleeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t spread that funk on me.

Ryoko: I suppose there’s no such thing as a righteous war any more, is there?

Akito: Maybe not, but I’m not quitting.

Ryoko: Aw, you little bad-ass.

Akito: Surely you jest!

Yurika: Er, Seiya’s been embezzling?

Prospector: Well, when that much money disappears, it’s pretty hard to ignore.

Erina: And he and Hikaru have become very chummy.

Yurika: All right, I guess we should check it out. But let’s leave the psycho admiral out of this one.

Goat: Good call.

Admiral Munetake: It’s not fair… my dad should have told me all this shit when I was a little kid. Whine whine whine.

Akito: How do I get stuck in these situations?

Yurika: Notwithstanding what Megumi says, you’re still the wuss I love! But go figure. Hikaru and Seiya? Who would have seen that one coming?

Akito: Ssssh! Fee, fie, fo, fum, I, uh, hear sexual innuendo.


Akito: ACK!

Seiya: Uh, were we bothering you with our model building?

Hikaru: Cool, huh?

Yurika: I should have seen that one coming.

Seiya: This is a REAL man's hobby. Extreme sports, pshaw!

Akito: Uh, they look so real it's kinda scary.

Yurika: Even I'M not stupid enough to believe this is where all the money went, so… let's hear it.

Seiya: How about I just go ACK! Like this: ACK! Would that work?

Yurika: Not cutting it, grease monkey.

Seiya: Okay, I was kind of sort of building a new Aestivalis in my spare time. It's pretty bitchin'!

Yurika: Expensive too. But more importantly, does it actually work?

Seiya: Welp, now that I know about the Jovians, I'm not so sure I want to find out IF it works.

Admiral Munetake: Well, MAKE it work! Otherwise I'll be demoted like the pathetic loser I am!

Seiya: I'm a tool?

Admiral Munetake: You sure are! Now buck up and finish the damn thing so the top brass will decide I don't suck.

Akito: Uh oh, admiral, you shouldn't have gotten ruthless there. Now I'm obsessing over whether you killed Gai again.

Howmei: Well, this should be entertaining.

Admiral Munetake: This cartoon is pissing me off, kid.

Akito: Deal with it. And don't gripe any more or the only willing pilot of your new robot goes bye-bye.

Admiral Munetake: So what exactly is your problem?

Akito: The short answer is: Who killed Gai?

Nadesico logo: Skeletons spill out of the closet. But if they start dancing I'm outta here.

Admiral Munetake: Gai Daigoji? Someone died? Ah, I think I'll just play dumb. Ignore the flashback where I'm holding a smoking gun.

Akito: So you're positive you didn't kill him?

Admiral Munetake: Positive.

Akito: Cross your heart?

Admiral Munetake: Cross my heart.

Akito: And hope to die?

Admiral Munetake: And hope to die.

Akito: And stew 'n fry?

Admiral Munetake: And stew 'n fry.

Akito: ...

Howmei: Welp, so much for fireworks.

Hikaru: Whee! Nerd bonding is FUN!

Seiya: *GASP* Oh my GOD, she's hot with a tea strainer in her hand.

Hikaru: Er… something wrong, or do you have a congenital drooling problem?

Admiral Munetake: BACK TO WORK, SLACKER.

Seiya: It's done already. But, uh, it wouldn't work without blowing itself to pieces. Too bad, so sad.

Admiral Munetake: Don't even PLAY that. MAKE IT WORK OR I KEEL YOUR FUCKING CAT.

Yurika: Chill, admiral. Anyway, he doesn't even HAVE a cat.

Admiral Munetake: Okay, I know I'm a rat bastard, but could we at least PRETEND I'm really a tragic character?

Seiya: Uh, you are like, insanely hot with your glasses off, did you know that?

Hikaru: Oh, you silly!

Seiya: Seriously! If you were president, you'd be Baberaham Lincoln!

Hikaru: Okay, there's no WAY the writers fed you that line. Are you hitting on me?

Seiya: Uh, well, I sure wish I had a wife like you.

Hikaru: Aw, get outta here.

Seiya: Really! I mean, how often do girls as hot as you who are into nerd hobbies come along?

Hikaru: Aw, you're not so bad yourself.

Seiya: So, uh, does that mean-

Hikaru: Whoa, chief. I got into modeling because I like doing it, not because I wanted to meet someone.

Seiya: Uh… mayday?

Hikaru: You can't base a relationship on hobbies, bud. Sorry! Have a nice life!

Seiya: I hate my life.

Admiral Munetake: *INJECTION*

Yurika: Aw, so nice to see our sister ship again.

Admiral Munetake: Uh, that's the enemy! I must destroy it!

Yurika: Are you on drugs?

Admiral Munetake: As a matter of fact, I am! YEE-HAW! *ZOOM*

Ryoko: And off we go to save his bad-tripping ass?

Hikaru: He's too fast.

Izumi: Let's just cap the stoner.

Akatsuki: Uh, that sort of goes against our orders.

Akito: Just what the hell is his problem, anyway? All right, let's drag him back.

Seiya: I would advise against doing that if you want to stay in one piece. It's too late for THAT shmuck.

Gai: Hey, Admiral! Buddy! Pal! How ya doin'?

Admiral Munetake: I'm being helped by the man I killed?

Gai: Hey, it's nothing for me to get bent out of shape over.

Cosmos: Uh, hello? I'm still sort of in mortal danger here.


Aestivalis-X: *KA-BOOM*

Akito: And another admiral goes out in a blaze of non-glory.

Seiya: Just about everything involved with being on this show sucks. Well, at least we finished the diorama.

Akito: Pretty.

Seiya: Pretty, but also pretty sad. Uh, is there any particular reason you're writing "Gay" on that Aestivalis?

Akito: It's Gai's, duh! Except I couldn't decide whether to spell his name "Gai" or "Guy" like in the manga, so, uh, I compromised.

Seiya: *sigh* Production companies need to start hiring Americans to supervise the use of Engrish in these shows. The fangirls are going to take this in ENTIRELY the wrong way.

Thousands of rabid fangirls: TOO LATE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Seiya: Anyway, he didn't even HAVE his name written on his Aestivalis. Well, I suppose at least I can make a random allegory about how we rewrite our memories.

Yurika: As long as we're on the subject of models, is there any particular reason your model of Ruri has a bigger chest than mine does?

Seiya: Uh… the, uh, fanboys made me do it?

Yurika: You can speak from experience, Akito! Tell him!

Akito: Don't drag me into this!

Yurika: So, uh, fix it. Whoops, I, uh, think I broke it. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Akito and Seiya: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ruri: I see we haven't COMPLETELY forgotten how to do comedy.

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