At long last, complete. Here's where I give the obligatory nod to the Toastyfrog webfeature: Thumbnail Theater, which pretty much set the standard for this sort of thing. Special thanks goes to Escaflowne Shangri-La for the vast majority of the thumbnail images and Visions of Escaflowne for help with the scripts. Thanks also to Tsubasa No Kami for help with the movie thumbnails.

Obviously, there are spoilers aplenty in this thing. If you haven't watched Escaflowne yet and want to be surprised by it's many neat little twists and turns, I suggest you go no further...

Well...with that out of the way, it's time to sit back and enjoy the annotated fun...

Episode 1: Fateful Confession

Episode 2: The Girl from the Mystic Moon

Episode 3: The Gallant Swordsman

Episode 4: The Diabolical Adonis

Episode 5: Mark of the Brothers

Episode 6: The Capitol of Intrigue

Episode 7: Unexpected Partings

Episode 8: The Day the Angel Flew

Episode 9: Memories of a Wing

Episode 10: The Blue-Eyed Prince

Episode 11: Prophecy of Death

Episode 12: The Secret Door

Episode 13: Red Fate

Episode 14: Dangerous Scars

Episode 15: The Lost Paradise

Episode 16: The Guided Ones

Episode 17: The Edge of the World

Episode 18: Gravity of Fate

Episode 19: Operation Golden Rule of Love

Episode 20: False Pledge

Episode 21: Reaction of Fortune

Episode 22: Angel With Black Wings

Episode 23: Sign of a Storm

Episode 24: Choosing Fate

Episode 25: The Absolute Fortune Zone

Episode 26: Eternal Adoration

The Escaflowne Movie:
A Girl in Gaea

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Part Four / Part Five

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