Hitomi: Hail hail, the gang's all here. How convenient.

Dryden: So the bad guys have found themselves a kick-ass legendary mecha too. Bummer.

Hitomi: But if I'm the Wing Goddess, I can summon Escaflowne and you can use it to beat that thing, right?

Moleman: Which, according to the ancient prophecy, will bring about a glorious new future!

Dryden: You didn't read the fine print on that prophecy, did you, Moley ol' boy? It said "If the Dragon Armor is reawakened, everything in the world is going to go ka-boom". How's THAT for upping the Angst Ante, eh?

Folken: Welp... I pretty much have this whole "evil bastard" thing figured out. On to the next phase of my eeeeeevil plan which is to summon the Wing Goddess. Oh Soraaaa. Where are you my co-dependent little cat-girl?

Jajuka: So Dilandau's blood is being used to awaken the evil Dragon Armor. Looks painful.

Dragonslayers: It sounds painful.

Dilandau: That's because it IS painful, you idiots! *girlyscream*

Merle: Gee, master. You've changed. You're not as psycho as you used to be.

Van: I'm still good with a knife: Here's a handcarved wooden mousie for you.

Merle: Hey. I can't eat this.

Hitomi: Can't sleep. Too much angst.

Dish: CRASH!

Hitomi: Oh GREAT. Hope I don't get charged for that. Uh-oh. I'm trippin'...and someone seems to be calling me...

Sora: Singing telegram for the Wing Goddess: "HELP!
We need somebodyyyyy/
Not just anybooodyyy...

Merle: Hitomi's ditched us!

Van: Hm. There's a disturbance in the Force. I can sense a presence I haven't felt since...

Folken: Ahhh, there you are, my pretty. The lovely lass whose nihilism is going to help me carry out my eeeeevil plan to destroy all life on this planet.

Hitomi: Umm, Mr. Folken? I've changed my mind on the whole "seeking my own destruction" thing.

Folken: No you haven't.

Hitomi: Yes I have.

Folken: No you haven't!

Hitomi: Yes I have.

Folken: Well.....poop. Well, I'm just going to have to un-change your mind, aren't I?

Van: Over my dead body!

Folken: I'd be glad to oblige you, brother, but I'm just an illusion. However, if you're willing to wait a couple of seconds, the guy who IS going to kick your ass will be along soon.

Dilandau: That's my cue! *EXPLODE* *CRASH* Notice how demonic my armor looks. That means it's evil. Everybody got that? (Or are we being too subtle for you?)

Dryden: Looks like it's finally time for the big-ass mecha battle scene.

Hitomi: No! Van! Don't fight!

Hitomi's Pendant: *FLASH* Awww. You don't wanna listen to HER...

Escaflowne: Boy, it was cramped in there. So Van, are you up for some heavy-metal fightin' tonight?

Van: You have to ask? Yee-haw! It's clobberin' time! Take my blood, Escaflowne!

Van: Erkk... Ow...Not ALL of it, geez......

Dilandau: Ha ha, Van! Prepare for BURNINATION!


Millerna: Hitomi... Not that I want to put you under any more stress or anything, but I just thought I'd remind you that the fate of this battle and that of the entire world is now completely dependent upon your will.

Hitomi: Uh, thanks...I sure feel better now after hearing that.

Dilandau: Time to roll out an old chestnut from the TV series: Burn! BUUUURN!

Van: I'm losing... But I'm sure this traumatic flashback I'm having about my youth will inspire me to redouble my efforts and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Dilandau: Oh poo. How come I don't get any flashbacks from my youth? Was it not worth remembering?

Van: Grr! Smash! Kill! Kill!

Escaflowne: I've turned black, which means I've become evil and scary now....Hey..... Isn't that kind of racist?

Dilandau: Eep. Time to bail!.... Well gee. THIS seems an odd place to put in fanservice... Which is only appropriate I suppose, since I'm an odd one to provide it...


Dryden: Uh-oh. I have a Very Bad Feeling About This.

Folken: Ah, so it appears that, through sheer dumb luck, my eeeeevil plan is going to work out after all.

Sora: Not if the Wing Goddess has anything to say about it. It is her will that will determine whether the world will be saved or destroyed.

Folken: Will, schmill. This world's toast. Nothing can stop me now!

Sora: Uhhh, I'm guessing you haven't watched a lot of anime, have you, sir?

Hitomi: I have to go stop that thing and save Van! Later!

Millerna: Stop! Wait! Come back! ( I ever do anything in this anime?)

Gadeth: Aw well. I suppose we should let her go, seeing as how she's the only one who can stop the apocalypse. Let's just hope she doesn't pull a Shinji from End of Evangelion and wind up royally screwing humanity over.

Millerna: Amen...

On to the Escaflowne Movie: Part 5