Hitomi: Van! Listen to me!

Escaflowne: Grrrr.

Hitomi: Uh-oh. The animation's getting all simplistic and "artsy" now. Since this is a movie, not a TV series, this can't mean the animator's are running out of money... It must mean that I'm stuck in Van's subconscious. And I probably won't be able to get un-stuck until I've talked some sense into him.

Van: Okay, Hitomi. I guess the real world isn't such a bad place after all. Especially since it's the only place where stuff, you know, happens. Let's go back.


Van: Oooh! Bitchin'!

Hitomi: So THIS is why I'm called the Wing Goddess. Welp, now that that's all sorted out, I guess it's time for the Final Confrontation.

Sora: The Dragon Armor is coming for you, Lord Folken. Might I suggest a quick change of address?

Folken: Might I suggest you quit trying to second-guess me already? My eeeevil plan is still in effect, you know...


Folken: I've been expecting you... Well then, Van... Should we have ourselves a "Matrix-style" fight scene? Or should we just clobber the hell out of each other with our powers?

Van: I will not fight you.

Folken: Well gee. That makes my job of "killing you" all that much easier, doesn't it?

Hitomi: No! Wait! It doesn't have to be this way! You two don't have to cause each other so much pain... You see, I used to be like you once...Hating life...Wanting only to end my own existence... But since coming to this planet, I realized--


Folken: No, YOU die, random underling! *ATTACKS*


Hitomi: Oookay. THAT was unexpected...

Sora: Bad News. Master Folken was a Load-Bearing Boss, which means now that he's dead, this whole fortress is going to collapse.

Hitomi: Yeah. THAT makes a lot of sense. So, um. What are you gonna do?

Sora: Well, the man I love is a corpse, and I'm a hopeless co-dependent so.... I guess that means I'll stay here and get crushed.

Hitomi: Well, THAT sucks. Unlike you, WE have future plans so... I guess this is goodbye!

Millerna: It's raining feathers...

Moleman: Hallelujah.

Allen: This must be the Wing Goddess' doing... (And if so, she's got a severe molting problem...)

Dilandau: I survived. Lucky for me the director liked me so much...

Dragonslayers: Lucky for US too! Hooraaay!

Dilandau: Well, boys. Chaos...destruction...death.....our work here is done. Let's go play war somewhere else!

Dragonslayers: Okey-dokie!

Hitomi: So then Van... Shall we tantalize the audience with the prospect that we might actually remain together at the end of the story?

Van: Naw. They've been tortured enough. Feel free to hang out here though, until your home planet calls you back...

Sora: Heh. Enya, eat your heart out! How's THIS for a movie soundtrack, peoples?

Hitomi: Ooh. Pretty music. I have to go now. *UNFURL*

Van: So. The movie just sort of ENDS SUDDENLY, then... Hunh. Just like this Thumbnail Thea--