Episode 16: The Guided Ones

Mustached Man: Extreeeeeeeme exploring! *FLASH* Whoa. That girl suddenly dropped out of the sky. I MUST get to know her better.

Girl in Kimono: ....

Folken: Hi girls. I'm SO glad I've got you to be my spin doctors now in place of that loony Dilandau, whom the Sorcerors will be taking away soon (much to the consternation of rabid fangirls everywhere.)

Naria: We're so glad to be here, Folken. You got any orders for us to follow? 'Cause we'll do anything for you.

Eriya: Yes. Anything. Our bodies and souls are yours.

Folken: ...It's GOOD to be da Chief of Staff.

Assistant: WHAAAT? Master Dryden! You can't leave me and go to the Mystic Valley! What am I going to say to your father?

Dryden: Just tell him that me and my fiance here are going on an early honeymoon.

Millerna: Fiance? As if. And just WHY would you think that I'd want to be a part of this little expedition?

Dryden: Because Allen will be going. I'm sure he's eager to find out why his Dad deserted him.

Van: And I'm eager to learn the 4-1-1 on the Dragon Clan, so you can count me in, too.

Crusade: Off we goooo, into the wild blue yon-der...

Dryden: Gee Allen, your Dad's no Tom Clancy, but he IS one hell of a story-teller. Let's see. "On the 12th day of whatever weird-ass system we have for telling time on this planet, I headed for Asguld Continent to look for Atlantis. But things didn't go too well. The airship I was on crashed..."

Leon: ...And I wound up floating in the ocean for a long long time. But I kept thinking about that girl, and suddenly, Asguld Continent appeared before me.

Allen: A girl? Grrr. You mean my father left his family and everything he had to go chase some skirt?

Dryden: Hm. Risking everything he had to pursue a forbidden love? Gee, Allen. I'm sure that's something YOU'D never do.

Amano: Whoa. Yukari and I are still IN this anime? Hunh....So then... Mrs. Kanzaki. Have YOU got any clue where your daughter might have gone to?

Hitomi's Mother: No, but I'm sure she'll be okay. This isn't the first time that weird unexplainable shit has gone down in our family. Lemme s'plain...

Moleman: ...I am SO baked right now...

Dryden: "So then I found myself walking in the middle of a blizzard when I came upon this cave. And in it, I found this creepy, hunchbacked old geezer named Isaac."

Hitomi's Mother: You see, what happened was that one day, when my mother was young, she got sucked up by a column of light and dropped onto an alien planet.

Leon: Isaac said he was looking for Atlantis, too. He also said he was from the Mystic Moon. Just like that one girl I met...

Hitomi's Mother: ...Here's her photo.

Amano & Yukari: Whoa. She looks just like Hitomi!

Hitomi: Welp. Looks like it's up to me to tie these two narratives together. Hey, this looks just like the opening scene to this episode.

Leon: Extreeeeeeeme exploring! *FLASH* Whoa. That girl suddenly dropped out of the sky. I MUST get to know her better.

Hitomi's Grandmother: .... Gee. Knowing who we are certainly doesn't make this scene any more understandable, does it?

Leon: Wow. You're from the Mystic Moon? Boy... Meeting you has certainly made many things clear for me.

Thousands of Anime Fans: How about clueing US in on a few of them? Just what the hell is going on here, anyway?

Hitomi's Grandmother: I'd tell you, but I don't have any lines. Whoops. That pillar of light is back. It's bye-bye time for me.

Hitomi: Gramma?

Sorceror #1: Hey General A., I'm here to take Pyro Boy home for treatment.

General Adelphos: What, you mean to tell me that monster has actually gotten sick?

Sorceror #1: Yes....Well, sick in a "character-in-a-Pink-Floyd-song" kind of way.

Sorceror #2: Relax.... Just a little pin-prick./
But you may feel a little sick....

Comfortably numb...

Emperor Dornkirk: So the heroes are headed for the Mystic Valley, eh? Took 'em long enough to figure things out.

Leon: So Isaac and I continued our journey to the Mystic Valley. He soon got lost in the fog, but I was too busy thinking about Altantis and that girl to go look for him.

Allen: That's it! I've heard enough of Dad's sick, pedophilic little obsession. I'm outta here.

Dryden: Geez, Allen. For a Knight of Heaven, you seem like kind of a wuss.

Allen: I can still kick YOUR ass, Dryden...

Hitomi: Allen! I want to help you mend your bridges with your late father. And not because I'm feeling guilty over the fact that my grandmother was "the other woman" or anything. Let's go talk in this lonely, secluded corridor.

Gadeth: Ladies and Gentlemen, we're currently experiencing a little turbulence. Please fasten your seatbelts and keep your tray tables in an upright position...

Van: Gee. I wonder where Hitomi and Allen went? Why don't I check this lonely secluded corridor?

Hitomi: Uh-oh. That turbulence has forced Allen and me into a compromising position. Gee, it sure would be awkward if Van were to suddenly walk by now...

Van: Oh, Hi Hit---------oh......I-I'm not jealous....Nope.... No sir.....

Dryden: Guess what! We made it! The Mystic Vallery!

Van: Doesn't look like much. Just some snow and rocks.

Dryden: D'oh! The journal's missing a page!! What ELSE can go wrong?

Naria & Eriya: Hiya! You guys haven't forgotten about US already, have you?

Allen: Shit. It's the Flygirls.

Hitomi's Grandmother: Hi, Sweetie. You DO remember what I told you long ago about making your wishes come true, right? 'Cause that advice would come in handy sort of...now-ish...

Hitomi: Okay, Grandma! Hey! If you've got nothing better to do over there in the afterlife, how about lending me and my friends a hand in finding the Mystic Valley?

Dryden, Van, Allen & Folken: Where ARE you, Mystic Valley? Come out, come out wherever you are...Don't be shy...

Escaflowne: Next stop: The Mystic Valley! *FLASSSHHHH*

Gateway: CHOOOOOM!!!!!!

Naria & Eriya: AIEEEEEE!!!!!! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!

Folken: The Gateway to the Mystic Valley is opening! Just in time for the cliffhanger! (Gee, we didn't see THAT coming, now did we?)

Episode 17: The Edge of the World