Welcome to Amethyst-Angel.com!

Just letting you know that my Cosplay website is still active and I'm still taking commissions. (It's just been taking me a long time to recode my hundreds of pages while keeping up with all of my projects at the same time.) I have managed to repost most of the gallery pages. This link will take you to my Anime/Manga costume gallery page:

Click here to visit site.

You'll find most of the navi-links still down (since I'm still in the process of making new thumbnails for each costume gallery link.) So if you want to look for a specific costume by character or series, please use the Search Bar in the upper left hand corner.

You can keep up with my uploading progress and what's currently happening with me here on my blog:


I have a Youtube Page as well, which hosts a few of my how-to cosplay videos:

The Prop Lady Youtube Page/

You can E-Mail Me if you have a question about anything. (And yes I do still take inquiries and will try to help answer cosplay questions as soon as possible.) Again, sorry about this mess. I hope to have everything (and a revamped website with new features) up and running soon!

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