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Shards of Chaos-- A Slayers:Next Generation Fanfic
A Slayers: Next Generation fanfic by:

Dust Traveller

Illustrated by:
Amethyst Angel

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Warning: Fic contains salty language, violence, adult situations, shameless fanservice,
and lots of other good stuff that will have parents screaming at us if we don't post this warning.
Reader's discretion advised.


Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three
Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six
Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight / Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten / Chapter Eleven / Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen / Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen / Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen / Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen (Part One) / Chapter Nineteen (Part Two)
Chapter Twenty / Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two / Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four / Chapter Twenty-Five
Chapter Twenty-Six (Part One) / Chapter Twenty-Six (Part Two)
Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Big Text, Easier-on-the-Eyes Version of the Story.

Korean Version of the Story

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