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Magical armbands worn by Nuriko of Fushigi Yuugi fame. The gold trim was created by laying down strips of 1/4" craft foam which I then glued plastic sheeting over. The green "jewel" was a semi-circle of painted wood.

My version of the armor Sesshoumaru wears in Inu-Yasha. The toughest thing to make was the claw/shoulder apparatus, which had to be made so it could be removed for что такое html travel. (I didn't bother with the other side, seeing as how it would be covered by the "fluffy".) Making the claws was also something of a challenge, as I had to fashion them by pressing a model of a claw into a block of modeling clay, pulling it out and then pouring hotglue into the hole which had been left behind. Very messy.

Oh, and now we move onto my most ambitious work to date: My Borus from Suikoden 3 armor:

Made by pretty much using the same methods I had used in my Lady Chris armor. (Lady Chris is a character from the same game, btw.) By doing this project, I got to learn a lot more about how plates fit together (and how they should be sewn to each other so they achieve the maximum range of movement.) I also learned how much trouble it can be to find decent reference pictures of a character, (especially when their in-game appearance differs greatly from their official character sketch.)


Any future projects which I do, and care to elaborate about, I will most likely post here. To see some work that others have done using my armormaking methods, click the link to the--
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