Amethyst Angel presents:

The rules are simple: Take a sip of your favorite beverage whenever any of the following что такое база данных actions occur in the series. Game begins at the point in each episode after the "People walking around in traffic/neon lights/buzzing wires" expositionary sequence has ended. Those who wish to play this game are not required to drink real alcohol, but those who choose to do so are encouraged to drink as strong a brew as they can get their hands on, in keeping with the spirit of the lain series, and with it's unofficial motto: "If you're going to get f*#@ed up, you might as well get f*#@ed up good!"

Of course, those of you who are REALLY brave and who have a notably high tolerance for alcohol may want to try playing our special edition lain drinking game EXTREME VERSION. But don't be too surprised if you find yourself lying unconscious on the floor thirty seconds into the first layer...

And now...Let the game begin!

The Serial Experiments Lain Drinking game was created by Amethyst Angel on October 24, 2001. Serial Experiments Lain is the copyright of its respective owners, who will no doubt be relieved to know that I am not making any kind of money from this. It's a fan site. Thanks for stopping by, everybody.

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