Chris Cuellar

Alias Dust Traveller, alias Luggage Puppy. (Sometimes I'll get a little mixed up and accidentally refer to him as either Dust Puppy or Luggage Traveller, much to his chagrin.) Anyway, our brave little Navy Man's tour is over and he is once again on dry land, stationed somewhere in California, doing the kind of things that sailors do from day to day. (You know...tying knots, learning how to swear and seduce women in 157 different languages. That kind of thing.)
Ahem. Anyway. His hobbies, besides fanfic writing, include training in several kinds of martial arts, (including tai chi and ninjitsu), and dressing up in drag for his friends. (Well... that's wrong, actually. We never did get him to dress up in drag, but we DID once get him to put on a lime-green bob-wig, which looked VERY fetching on him...)

NOTICE: All story-related comments, complaints, praises, and questions inquiring as to it's possible future developments are to be directed towards HIM.

And not ME...

Thank you.

Teresa Dietzinger

Alias Amethyst Angel, alias Yours Truly. The webmistress, organizer and illustrator of this fanfic. Meaning if you have a question pertaining to any of the images or pictures contained on this site, then I'M the one you want to talk to. (Or complain to, as the case may be). I'm also the one you want to talk to if you have made fanart for this story that you'd like to have posted in the Art Gallery. My personal information can be found here, should you feel inclined to seek it out for any reason. You'll find, after reading it, that I'm not NEARLY as interesting or as dynamic a person as Chris is, (nor do I look NEARLY as good as he does in a lime green bob-wig,) But dammit, I can draw. And I certainly hope what I've created and posted will be good enough to encourage you to write in to leave me a few comments about it. Thank you.

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