Inspired by the now sadly defunct Toastyfrog webfeature, Evangelion Thumbnail Theater, the Naruto TT is a compendium of the entire series, distilled and squeezed down to the point where nothing remains except its creamy nougat center--highlighting the cool stuff, (the explosions, the battles and the major plot points,) and skipping the filler. Special thanks goes to for its images and episode scripts.

Naruto: The TV series is the property of its creators and distributors. This is a non-profit fan site up purely for fun, etc. etc. etc...

Episode 1: Enter! Uzumaki Naruto

Episode 2: I am Konohamaru

Episode 3: A Rival?! Sasuke and Sakura

Episode 4: The Trial! Survival Training

Episode 5: Fail? Kakashi's Conclusion

Episode 6: Important Mission! Heading to the Country of the Wave!

To Be Continued...

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