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Learn how to make costume armor and props using foam,
plastic styrene sheeting, and other materials

BioWeapons.com - Advice on making molded, "organic-type" armor

Studio Creations - Hi-impact armor, props. Focus on vacu-forming, latex.

Sculptor.org - Links to Moldmaking tutorials and suppliers.

Claystation.com - Techniques Guide to mold making and slip casting.

Jongleur's Working with Polymer Clay Tutorial - Good advice on clay sculpting

Getting Started with Molding and Casting - A short beginner's casting guide.


Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Moldmaking Guide - This website has a decent sculpting tutorial as well as moldmaking supplies.

Smooth-On - Suppliers of resins, plastics, latex, foams - offers starter kits and has a "how-to" section.

The Compleat Sculptor - (No that wasn't a misspelling.) Offers lots of different kinds of sculpting tools and supplies, including hard to find Friendly Plastic pellets...

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