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Sculpting the Original: Part 2

The next thing I work on is the mouth. I lay down a couple of rounded slabs of clay, one to serve as the bottom of the mouth, and the other to serve as the roof of the mouth and the snout. I'm not too worried about the fine details at this point - I just make sure I have a general snout shape and enough clay built up there so I can fit in the hanging ring later.

The next thing I work on are the ears. I form a triangular piece of sculpey and put a dent in the middle to create the inside of the ear. I then scratch a few lines on the sides of the ear to create a "tufted fur" look. Once the ear is formed, I place it on the disc and work it into the as-yet-unformed rest of the head.

I begin to work on the head, pressing in the sockets where the eyes will go and defining the brow ridge a little more. I then finish defining the mouth and use a cylinder-shaped tool to create the hole-shaped depressions in the side of the mouth that the mouth ring will eventually hang from.

Now's the time to finish the forehead region. I form the eyes and lay down small, lentil-shaped pieces of sculpey, using a tool with a bevelled edge to define the features and create the "fur lines." I lay down more layers of sculpey to build up the snout and I use a needle-like tool to create the nostrils in the end of the nose. I then define the mouth a little more, using a flat tool to press in a ridge around the edge of the snout to create the lips.

I can't add the mouth ring as of yet, but I can at least cut it to shape. I take a small 1" plastic curtain ring and I cut a small section out of it. The plastic is slightly flexible and the ends of the rings will slip into and out of the depressions on the side of the mouth easily once the clay is baked.

I bake the clay according to the directions on the polymer clay package. (In a 275 degree oven for about 20 minutes or so.) Once the sculpey hardens and cools, it's time to--

Make the Mold...

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