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All artwork copyright
Amethyst Angel
(Teresa Dietzinger) c.2003.
Please do not nick, steal, or in any way use without permission.

Seras Reference

Seras Victoria
First Worn at SCSU Japan Night Event, March 2003

I dug Hellsing and knew in my dark heart of hearts that I had to cosplay as one of the characters. Seras was the one I came the closest to in personality so I chose her. My original intention, after wearing it to the Japan Night cultural festival, had been to wear it as a hall costume for AnimeIowa 2003. However, I eventually decided to attend as Integra instead, (seeing as how her outfit was a lot cooler and WAY more dignified.)

The shirt and skirt I put together with patterns I generated using my new Patternmaster software (which I'm slowly now starting to get the hang of.) On the whole, I think they turned out rather well. I also like how the stockings turned out. (However, removing the carpet tape I had used to hold them up with was a bit of a pain.....And for "a bit" read: "full-scream, faint-inducing amount".) One thing I don't like about the costume is the wig, the back of which I ruined by idiotically attempting to curl it with a curling iron. (Hm, it would seem synthetic hair melts when you heat it. Whoops.) All in all, i have bought 4 wigs for this costume, all of which I either accidentally destroyed or were just not satisfied with. The one I'm wearing in the pictures is the best-looking of the lot, which isn't saying much.

No, my eyes aren't really red. Despite my dedication to the art of cosplay, I wasn't willing to plunk down a small fortune for a pair of colored contacts. (But who needs 'em when you've got Photoshop?) I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to make a halconnen for my costume, (but hey, at least I was able to locate TWO rare-as-hell official Hellsing patches for my costume. How many Seras cosplayers can make THAT claim?)