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All artwork copyright
Amethyst Angel
(Teresa Dietzinger) c.2003.
Please do not nick, steal, or in any way use without permission.

Ifurita Reference

First Worn: Halloween 2002

This was one of the two cosplay outfits I made to wear during the 2002 Halloween season. I had always wanted to do an Ifurita cosplay, because she's the coolest character in the entire El Hazard series (except for Mr. Fujisawa, of course. NOONE's cooler than him.) and I just don't think she gets cosplayed enough. Must be that intimidating-looking power key staff she always carries with her. A prop-making challenge of the highest order but one from which I did not shrink. I made the key part using styrofoam and foamboard, and the staff part I made using a retractable car-washing brush which I could unscrew and fold up to allow for easy transportation. All of the other components had to be made out of craft foam (except for the spheres, which were of painted styrofoam. Since these pictures were taken, I have replaced said styrofoam with oversized Christmas ornaments which look a helluva lot better and are less prone to dentage. Concerning the costume itself, the toughest part to make proved to be the tights, which I had to serge and decorate and adjust to fit my legs over and over again in a seemingly endless cycle which is still going on. (And may likewise continue until the end of time.) The headdress and bracelets also proved to be a challenge- I made them out of polystyrene and craft foam. The necklace I made using craft foam and sculpey (for the jewels.) I'm hoping at some point I'll have the chance to wear this to an actual convention sometime (although it will have to be one that's close by, since, retractable power key staff or no, this costume is quite cumbersome and hard to lug around from place to place.)