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All artwork copyright
Amethyst Angel
(Teresa Dietzinger) c.2003.
Please do not nick, steal, or in any way use without permission.

Anthy reference

Anthy Himemiya
First Worn at AnimeIowa 2002
Awards Won: Second Runner Up/Masquerade Skit

It's one of the Universal Laws of Cosplay. Everyone's gotta do an Utena character at some point in their lives. In keeping with that fine tradition, I created this little number. I made it primarily because I liked the series, (and also because in the back of every young woman's head, no matter how liberated they may be or may think they are, is a desire to be a princess. And I'm certainly no exception to that rule, even if I look about as princess-y as a truck driver.)

Besides. I just like big poofy dresses that make swooshing noises and which scare people when you get into elevators with them.

The hardest part of the costume to work out was the bodice (or jacket part). I had to experiment for days with muslin mock-ups before I came up with a pattern which would dart inward correctly yet allow for the tabs at the bottom. Once that was finished, everything else was easy. Except for the neck ornament, which I made from friendly plastic (and had to RE-make about 1,432 times, as Friendly Plastic is HELL to work with even under the best of conditions.) The skirt was hard too, as it had a gazillion yards of fabric and had to be pleated in front in a special way. The shoulder ornaments I made using polystyrene balls and DMC embroidery floss, and the crown I made using 1/8" craft foam covered with gold foil. (Cheapo materials which came off looking pretty much like the real deal. I was happy with it.)

Anthy Himemiya
Version 2

A costume commission I made for a girl who saw my first Anthy costume whilst I had it up for sale on ebay and who wanted me to make her one just like it. I'd have to say this second version is something of an improvement over the first, as I think I did better on the accessories this time around (now that I had a better idea of how to make them). I also made this costume to go over an even larger and swooshier hoopskirt than the one I had used last time, so I feel they come closer to what the character actually wore.