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All artwork copyright
Amethyst Angel
(Teresa Dietzinger) c.2003.
Please do not nick, steal, or in any way use without permission.

Aeris Reference Pic

Aeris Gainsborough

Another commission. One of those costumes which seem simple enough on the surface but which actually turn out to be trickier than you could ever imagine. Doing it was lots of fun, though.

The trickiest part of the costume by far was the jacket, which I made from a red suede-like material and which I lined with red satin. (The toughest part was making the garment look "jacket-y" with the over-sewing on the seams and the layered pockets.) I think it turned out really nice, though. (I especially liked the metal cuffs, which I made from foam and plastic sheeting and painted silver. I made the wrist cuffs out of the same materials and painted them gold.) The hair sash I made from the same material as the sundress, and the green "materia" was nothing more than a green plastic Christmas ornament to which I attached a piece of elastic. As a finishing touch, I added a necklace, which was a simple black leather lace tied in a bow. (Don't you wish all costume accessories could be that easy to make?)

Aeris 01 Aeris 02 Aeris 03 Aeris 04 Aeris 05 Aeris 06

Aeris Gainsborough (version 2)

Someone by the name of Tifa Lockheart (not her real name, duh) saw pictures of my first Aeris costume and liked it so much she wanted me to make her one just like it. I had lots of red suede fabric left over, so I agreed. These pics of her wearing it are on display at