Part 22

Elly: Wha-Fei? What a cowinkydink.

Gebler attack team: Outta the way, girlie. We may have been whipped twice, but we will definitely beat him this time!

Fei: No, you definitely will not. *asskick*

Hammer: We'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadie!!!!!

Citan: Shutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpmeshutupandhelpme!!!!!

Fei: Outtamywayouttamywayouttamywayouttamyway-

Rico: Quit it with the run-on sentences, I'm here to help.

Fei: Aw, Rico, you're such a softie.

Rico: Cram it, now let's kick ass.

Fei: Wait a minute, gotta have a word with the missus. Hopefully my guilt trip will be as effective on her as it was on you.

Elly: Sure, like I'm going to give up my career and my friends and my home in the military just because you disapprove. I live for duty!

Fei: You mean, you live for slaughtering the innocent?

Elly: Huh? Pretty much. It's how I fill the empty void in my life.

Fei: Well, I don't. Ergo, I'm gonna go fill the empty void in my life by pwning your friend.

Elly: Well Dominia's not exactly my friend, but she's probably gonna kick your ass.

Fei: Is she a playable character?

Elly: No…

Fei: I rest my case. Do the right thing, Elly. *WHOOM*

Elly: …I'm gonna go listen to Linkin Park.

Rico: About time, Fei. I was getting sick of hanging out here by myself. This Gebler chick is a really lousy conversationalist.

Fei: Hey, you don't need permission from me to beat the crap out of her.

Dominia: Blah blah blah stupid Lambs yammer yammer 'ship-bomb Hecht' yackety smackety. Eat Ether death!

Fei and Rico: …was that supposed to hurt?

Dominia: Uh……………… crap.

Fei and Rico: Back in the kitchen, bitch! *pwn Dominia*

Dominia: Yeah, well, uh, you suck! *runs away like a pussy*

Fei: Well, then, HEAVE!

Rico: Have you taken basic physics? Two puny Gears can't possibly alter the descent of a ship this big.

Elly: But I bet three puny Gears could!

Vierge: How the hell did I get dragged into this?

Rico: Okay, we moved it away from the reactor, let's bail!

Fei: But now it's gonna hit the civilians!

Elly: Ohhhhh, I hate these movies!

Fei: As long as we're holding on, we can still do it-

Weltall and Stier: *OVERHEAT SPUTTER*

Fei: Weltall, you SUCK!

Part 23