Part 19


Elly: Okay team, here's the ships we're escorting.

Gebler attack team: Whoa, they're all controlled by Ether! Whoever's going to pilot them must be one heck of a magician! And/or a total bitch!

Dominia: I heard that.

Elly: Buh… Dominia? From the Elements?

Dominia: Twould be me. They wouldn't entrust a mission this vital to a pansy like yourself. You always were a wuss, even back in Jugend, Elhaym.

Gebler attack team: Uh… if you two are going to catfight, could you give us a minute to get a video camera ready?

Dominia: Shut up. Here's the plan: We're going to blow up the old reactor in Kislev, destroying the city and making it uninhabitable for centuries.

Elly: But why?

Dominia: Because it's COOL, assmunch! Yeesh. And the last thing we need is for Kislev to destroy our pretty 'gate generator'. Surface dwellers suck!

Elly: But you used to be one!

Dominia: Bitch, please. They suck, you suck, but I do not suck. That's why Ramsus made me an Element. Screw everyone else. You've been a bleeding heart for years, so just shut up and follow the orders they gave you.

Elly: *lip quiver*

Dominia: Well then. Let us rain some DOOM down upon the filthy heads of our DOOMED enemies!

Gebler attack team: We're gonna sing the Doom Song now! DOOM, doom, doom, doom, DOOM DOOM doom do doooo DOOM…

Elly: I am surrounded by assholes.


Rue Cohen: Well, since you're the Champ now, here's your new presidential suite.

Fei: …okay? My prize is a nicer room in the prison?

Rue Cohen: What, doesn't look good enough for you? I could 'spice' things up in here a bit if you want.

Fei: …get away from me. Anyway, what happened to Rico?

Rue Cohen: Why do you keep asking about Rico? Are you gay or something?

Slashfic authors: *CLICK PENS*

Fei: NO DAMMIT. Now answer me, wench.

Rue Cohen: Oooh! I love a man who's in control-


Rue Cohen: Fine, fine. His Gear 'accidentally' smashed into the Kaiser's box seat during the tournament and he disappeared. Now go meet the Kaiser, we're not done using sponsoring you yet.

Citan: And now that that creepy plot device woman is gone, never to be seen again, I would like to remind you that it would be a good idea to maybe get your Gear before you leave Nortune lest Shakhan squish you like a big ponytailed bug.

Fei: Righty-o. Hammer, go find my Gear. Now.

Hammer: K.

Fei: Meanwhile, I shall go have crumpets with the Kaiser. But first, time for Wacky Happy Fun With Cranes Time!

Citan: Fei, perhaps we should not keep the Kaiser waiting?

Fei: Bah! There's always time for Wacky Happy Fun With Cranes!

Citan: ...

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