Guest Fanart Gallery

This page will be the official repository for any "Shards"-themed fanart that I may receive from anybody out there who cares to create some. (Though I'm doubting that anybody will, seeing as how Gaav is SUCH a sunnavabich to draw. But feel free to give it a whack if you think you're up to the challenge. )

"A Trickster's Work is Never Done"
Our first donation to this gallery is by Korean artist, Eunie, and it feature's everyone's favorite
purple-haired professional bastard. Click this link to see more works by this talented artist...

A fanpic by the lovely and talented Lauren. (Thanks!)

Also by the lovely and talented Lauren. (Thanks again!)

NEW! "Dinnertime"
Fanart by Third Blue. A depiction of the scene in Chapter 5 when Red is feeding Mina semi-involuntarily.

NEW! "Inverse Squared"
Another lovely fanart by Third Blue. A portrait of Mina and her Mother (wearing a costume from one of the Slayers mangas.)

NEW! "Angel"
Third Blue's third pictoral offering, showing a tender embrace between star-crossed lovers, Tess and Valgarv
(with some slight artistic nudity.) The lyrics in the background, by the way, are form "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan.

NEW! "Touch"
Third Blue's last picture, depicting a tender moment between Mina and Red/Gaav. (Rowr!)

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

(If you'd like to contribute to this gallery, send all art to

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