Chapter Illustrations:
Listed below each illustration is the official subtitle for each chapter as DT originally wrote it...

Chapter One
I Want None of This Soul Toast

Chapter Two
The Long, Dark Birthday of the Soul

Chapter Three
... And Now For Something Completely Different

Chapter Four
And The Winner Is...

Chapter Five
Conversations with the Chaos Dragon

Chapter Six
Yes I Tried to Boost Readership With Fanservice So Sue Me....

Chapter Seven
Mina Commits A Party Foul, The Plot Thickens

Chapter Eight
The Work of a Professional Bastard is Never Done

Chapter Nine
Funky Flashback Interlude! Attack of The Voice!

Chapter Ten
A Horror Of Lovecraftian Proportions... And Some Evil Guys

Chapter Eleven
The Dragon, the Knight, and THE ALBUM: Why You Should Never Antagonize the Elderly

Chapter Twelve
For Those About to Rock

Chapter Thirteen
C is for Chowder, D is for Dementia, E is for Ecchi...

Chapter Fourteen
Sometimes Miracles Require-eth Explosives

Chapter Fifteen
... And In This Corner! Saved By the Belle

Chapter Sixteen
From the Maw of Heck and Back Again

Chapter Seventeen
I Don't Smoke Anything Named After A Part of My Anatomy, But THIS Does...

Chapter Eighteen
Getting In Touch With Your Inner Asshole

Chapter Nineteen
War and Pieces: A Cautionary Tale
Part One

Chapter Nineteen
War and Pieces: A Cautionary Tale
Part Two

Chapter Twenty
That'll Need Some Ice, and Mass Destruction: Tastes Great, Less Filling

Chapter Twenty-One
Evil, Evil All Around...And Naughtiness Abounds

Chapter Twenty-Two
Making Something Out of Nothing

Chapter Twenty-Three
Parental Confrontations: Past, Present and Future

Chapter Twenty-Four
...And Then Things Get Weird

Chapter Twenty-Five
...And Then Things Got A Little Weirder

Chapter Twenty-Six
As Yet Untitled
Part One

Chapter Twenty-Six
As Yet Untitled
Part Two

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