Amethyst Angel's Fanart Gallery

Some Valgarv-themed fanart I made for Val-entine's Day.
(Warning: It's a spoiler for Chapter Seven.)

A concept sketch of that quintessentially evil little screwball, Talon the Dark Chessmaster of the Soul.

What anime-themed fanwork would be complete without shameless fanservice?
Here's an obligatory cheesecake shot of Mina (not to be confused with her considerably less-endowed
mother, Lina)
playing with her favorite new toy. It's titled "Size DOES Matter" (and the "size"
in this case, can refer to just about anything you want it to...)

Tess' Last Stand. A CG enhanced pencil sketch of Tess being Really Brave.
(And Talon being Really an A$$hole)...

"I'm Gonna Need Therapy After This..."
Another CG-d pencil sketch, this one featuring Zelgadis in his usual blue funk
and everyone else...well... living happily ever after.... for the moment...

"Sakura Spring"
(1st Place Winner of How to Draw's Colors of Spring Art Contest - Black and White Picture Category.)
A picture of Tess wearing modern-day Japan-type stuff. (I was feeling kind of
sad, given what's just happened to her in the story, so I thought surrounding her with cherry blossoms would
make for a nice, Kurosawa-esque, romantic tribute.) What do you folks at home think?

"Don't They Make a Nice Couple?"
A colored pencil sketch of Mina and Gaav/Red.

"Valgarv as Sailoonian Guardsman"
A pencil sketch of everybody's favorite Ancient Dragon, wearing his full-plate Sailoonian Guardsman uniform.
(Dress uniform, of course. I doubt if he'd actually wear anything that fancy into battle.) This sketch was a giftpic
for friend and fellow Val fan, Linda S.

A pencil sketch of Talon's right-hand bird, the scarred warrior Arashi. I was sort of shooting for a "tribal samurai" look
with his clothing. And I tried to give him a look of world-weary, nihilistic acceptance (the kind of expression which, I figure, has to
sooner or later adorn the face of every poor schmuck who gets stuck working for Talon.)

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