Episode Ten - Angels, Demons, and Humans

Laharl: Wow, human beings make great slaves. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever decide to conquer the Earth.

Gordon: *huff* *gasp* This is so embarrassing. Having to bust my ass in service to that little hellion...But I did give him my promise...and I must abide by it...unless....

The wheels in Gordon's head: *creaaaaak* *grind*....whirrrrrrrrr! *click* Ding ding ding!

Gordon: That's IT... If I were to only PRETEND to keep my promise, I could trick him and get away! Yes! Gordon you are a GENIUS!

Laharl: Wow, human beings are complete idiots... If I ever DO decide to to conquer the Earth, I really can't see the men of that planet giving me any trouble.

Jennifer: Mornin' Harlie-chan! <3

Laharl: Ugh. The WOMEN of that planet, on the other hand...

Jennifer: I'm going to go on a picnic with Etna and Flonne. Wanna come, Harlie-chan?

Laharl: Only if I want to throw up everything I eat. Bleh...

Gordon: I'm stuck here busting my ass and YOU'RE going on a picnic?


Gordon: Fine! You go! I'll stay here and suffer!

Jennifer: Suits us! So, where we goin'?

Flonne: How about the Sea of Gehenna?

Etna: Nah, let's go to the mall instead.

Jennifer: Why don't we try both?

Etna & Flonne: S'okay!

Laharl: Feh. Girls. You know what they're gonna DO once they get by themselves?

Gordon: What?

Laharl: Talk trash about US, that's what! Well, I'll be damned if I'm going to let THAT happen.

Gordon: Right. And someone manly and strong should really be along to protect them, so...

Laharl: Let's hit the road...

Gordon: Right! (YES! I can escape while I'm on the picnic! I. Am. So. Smart. LA LA LA!)

Meanwhile, at EDF Headquarters...

General Carter: So it appears Gordon has failed in his mission to kill the Overlord.

Sharp-Eyed Man: That's no big surprise. He IS a putz after all. Unlike me.

General Carter: Do I detect a small note of professional jealousy in your voice, Kurtis? Well... in any case, his mission was just a pretext to invade the Netherworld anyway, so it doesn't matter whether he failed or not.

Kurtis: It matters to me. As his official anime-style rival, it is my sworn duty and eventual destiny to face him in dramatic one-on-one combat. Therefore I know he must still be alive out there...

Gordon: --Alive, and having the time of my life! LA LA LA!

Laharl: Tell me, Gordon, are all the heroes on Earth as dorky as you?

Flonne: He's not a dork! He's just pretending to be one so that the enemy will underestimate him!

Jennifer: Yeah...that's it... pretending....

Gordon: LA LA LA! (They don't suspect a thing!)

Etna: You SURE he's pretending?

Gordon: LA LA LA! (What a fine performance I'm giving. William Shatner, eat your heart out!)

Seraph: More cryptic banter, Mr. ????

????: Sure. Why not? But not too much. After all, we don't want the players to figure out who I am just yet...

Thousands of Video Game Players: Aw come on. Who are you kidding? We knew who you were five chapters ago! You're--

????: SHHHHHHH!! Even though we've been telegraphing this plot twist since practically the beginning of the story, we must still maintain the illusion of suspense. It's Video Game™ Law!

Thousands of Video Game Players: Oh brother...

Gordon: So, kids, anyone up for a sing-along?

Laharl: Kids? You DO realize we're at least a thousand years older (and a million years more mature) than you...

Flonne: Oh dear. And it would seem that I'M the oldest one here.

Jennifer: Gee, I never would've guessed.

Laharl: That's because you humans are hung up on looks.

Jennifer: The same way that YOU are hung up on MY looks, Harlie-chan? <3

Laharl: PLEASE let there be a sudden and dramatic plot development to deflect attention away from my none-too-subtle attempt to change the subject...

Mid-Boss: Mwa-HA madamoiselles and monseuirs! *SWOOSH* Behold! I have purloined your picnic basket!

Laharl: *whew*

Etna: Hey! Give it back!

Mid-Boss: Are you kidding? I haven't had a decent cooked meal in ages, seeing as how I am a widower and all.

Flonne: Oh. So THAT'S why you're so scrawny...

Gordon: Hey you! Come back here with our vittles!

Vyers: And I should listen to a pathetic human like yourself because...?

Gordon: Because I'm the Defender of Earth™ ! And because if you don't, I'll kick your anorexic ass from here to Pluto!

Mid-Boss: You have to catch moi first!

Gordon: D'oh! Just you wait! I'll make sure the only thing you eat today is a heaping helping of JUSTICE!

Jennifer: You know, instead of running around aimlessly like idiots, we could just have Thursday track the scent of the lunch.

Gordon: Sure, if we want to do things the EASY way...


Etna: Wow. That's some robot.

Gordon: Well, he WAS created by Jennifer, who --believe it or not-- was a child prodigy inventing robots by the age of five, and who got her Ph.D a full 6 years before Doogie Hauser did.

Flonne: Wow, that's amazing, even if it DOES help perpetuate the long-held science-fiction stereotype which dictates that all female scientists must be sexy and beautiful and act subservient to their main love interest, no matter how much of a lunkhead he might be.

Laharl: Ain't that the truth...

Mid-Boss: Oh dear. Moi appears to be trapped.

Gordon: Allllllright, you Yogi Bear wannabe! Come back here with our pic-a-nic basket! Or else!

Mid-Boss: Ha! You do not scare moi! I'm smaaaarter than the average demon! And much flashier too! Behold! The Magic of the "Dark Adonis!"


Gordon: Hey! My sidekicks and I can be excessively theatrical too! Behold, our



Flonne: Hey! You can't leave us out! Laharl! Etna! Let's give him our---


Laharl: Screw this...

Etna: Count me the hell out...

Flonne: ......I hate you both.


Laharl Well geez. I beat you again. What a surprise (to everyone but US.)

Mid-Boss: Alas, yours is a hollow victory as I have already eaten your lunch! Bye! *skedattles*

Laharl: So what the hell was the point of all this, anyway?

Gordon: I know not, but methinks we should be glad its all over. And now.... The time has come for me to leave you all and to return back from whence I came...

Etna: And your method for getting back there would be--?

The wheels in Gordon's head: *creeeeak* *grinding halt*

Gordon: Oh dear. Did I overlook something when I was compiling My Perfect Escape Plan?

Jennifer: Yes. You did.

Gordon: GAAAAHHHHH!!!! But I HAVE to find some way to get home! I can't bloody well be the Defender of Earth™ if I'm stuck in the Netherworld!

Etna: Why don't you become the Defender of the Netherworld™ ?

Laharl: Yeah. I could promote you. It would sure beat being my slave.

Gordon: GARRGGHHH!!! Must...calm down.....Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place. Find a happy place...

Laharl: Gee. HE'S taking this well...


Flonne: And that's how the humans came to live with us. And from then on, we were all one big happy family.

Gordon: Mommmmieeeeeeee!!!!!!!I wanna go hoooooome!

Flonne: Well... one big happy dysfunctional family, anyway...

Episode Eleven - Hero's Will, Overlord's Way