Episode Six - Laharl's Challenge

Laharl: Aha! Laharl, you're a GENIUS! My plan is foolproof. Foolproof!

Flonne: Gee...I dunno...An open challenge to all of the demons in the Netherworld who want your title to gang up and attack you at once doesn't sound all that smart to me.

Etna: Especially when you have ME, your most ambitious vassal and next in line to the throne, standing right beside you as you write the challenge...

Laharl: FOOLS! This isn't a REAL challenge. It's a trap I'm devising so I can finally clean house and get this whole "consolidating power" thing over with!

Etna: I see. But for your little plan to succeed, you have to beat every demon in the kingdom that's vying for your throne...

Laharl: How hard could THAT be?

Hundreds of thousands of monsters: GROOWWLLLLLLLLLL......

Laharl: Okay, so maybe it's not going to be as much of a walk in the park as I thought...

Flonne: Well, you know what they say, the more, the merrier.

Etna: You mean, the more, the melee`-er...

Laharl: You two. Less wisecrackin.' More skullcrackin.'


Laharl: Well, I think I proved I'm capable of handling myself well in a group combat setting.

Sardia: Ah, but how well wouldst thou do in single combat with an honourable opponent?

Laharl: Against an air-headed swordswoman who talks like Cyan from Final Fantasy 3? Quite well, methinks.

Sardia: Surely, thou didst mean to say, Final Fantasy 6, m'lord.

Laharl: ..........I get the feeling I'm really going to enjoy this.

Sardia: Aiieee! *spinch*

Flonne: Oh look! Prinnies!

Prinny Squad: Dood! we're your next opponents!

Laharl: You idiots DO know that a head-on confrontation with me is a one way ticket to the grave....

Prinny Squad: We know, dood. That's why....We challenge you to a game of..... BASEBALL!

Laharl: You should ALSO know that pissing me off is ANOTHER one-way ticket to the grave... Etna, your assistance, please...

Etna: Certainly, my leige.

Prinny Squad: *SPLAT*

Laharl: Awwright. WHO'S next?


Laharl: It's...Bigfoot?

Alternate Overlord: Fool! I'm the Overlord of an alternate Netherworld. I tried taking over THIS world long ago, but your old man, Krichevskoy, got in the way. But now that he's history, there's noone to stop me. HAHAHAAHAAAAA! So, you wettin' your pants yet, kid? Ain't I the scariest damn thing you ever saw?

Laharl: I dunno. All I can see is your foot, and from what I see, it ain't all that scary. Scaly perhaps. But not scary.

Alternate Overlord: Fine! I'll en-smallen myself.


Alternate Overlord: Ha! I made ten copies of myself! You can't tell me you don't find THIS impressive!

Flonne: Don't worry! By splitting into 10 copies, he has divided his love ten ways, which should make him easier to beat!

Laharl: And the logic behind THAT would be--?

Etna: Prince, you should know better than to associate the word "logic" with anything that comes out of Flonne's mouth.

Flonne: We cannot fail! ATTAAAAAACK!


Flonne: Oh dear. We failed.

Laharl: And HOW. Ouchies.

Flonne: But we're the heroes! If there's anything that countless centuries of playing video games and watching mass media entertainment have taught me, it's that the heroes always win! This can't be happening!

Etna: Did it ever occur to you, Flonne, that we may not actually BE the HEROES?

Alternate Overlord: Ha! Now I will finish you! Say hi to Krichevskoy for me! In HELL!

Flonne: Wait. Aren't we in Hell already?

Alternate Overlord: ........Whatever. Just DIE, will ya?

Zommie, Ghoss, Gargo, Manty, Goleck, & Dratti: Hold it right there!

Alternate Overlord: Who are YOU guys?

Zommie, Ghoss, Gargo, Manty, Goleck, & Dratti: We are the vassals of the late king, and in his name, we will crush you!

Laharl: What? You mean to tell me that I have servants who are of actual USE to me? I don't believe it. You guys probably just came here to ambush me as well.

Dratti: My, my. Aren't WE cynical? Just take a few steps back, kid, and let US handle this...

Alternate Overlord: GACK! *dies*

Zommie, Ghoss, Gargo, Manty, Goleck, & Dratti: Welp. Our work here is done. See y'all back at the castle!

Laharl: So I guess staying here and helping me finish this would be out of the question...

Etna: Aw, relax, Prince. We can put this to bed ourselves. I mean, the worst is over, right?

Red Ranger: Aha! Greetings, demons!

Blue Ranger: We've been--

Yellow Ranger: --expecting you!!

Laharl: What was that you were saying, Etna? Now we gotta fight the frickin' POWER RAN--

Red Ranger: A-HEM!!! Lawsuit!

Yellow Ranger: Yeah! Don't go confusing us with THOSE guys....

Blue Ranger: Because WE'RE completely different. WE'RE the--

All Three: PRISM RANGERS!!!!


Flonne: OMG! *fangirl squeal* This. Is. KEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWLLLL!!!!!! ....But wait. Aren't Super Sentai teams supposed to have more than three members?

Red Ranger: Well... we'd have more members...

Yellow Ranger: But... being pathetic Super Sentai fanboy cosplayers...

Blue Ranger: ...We're complete social pariahs...

Red Ranger: Of course, that'll change once we beat you and become the Overlords!

Yellow Ranger: Yeah! All sorts of people will want to hang out with us then!

Blue Ranger: Maybe even...y'know...GIRLS.

Laharl: I wouldn't bet the farm on that.

Red Ranger: Shut it, you! Alright, fellow soldiers of Justice! It's time for our impressive, highly flashy, minutes-long, recycled footage transformation sequence!!

Etna:*Sigh.* Sometimes, this job is too easy...

Etna's Gun: BLAM! BLAM!

Yellow Ranger & Blue Ranger: *THUD*

Red Ranger: Bluuuuuuuuuuee!!!! Yellowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU BASTARDS!! How dare you fight dirty!

Etna: Well, it kind of comes naturally to us, seeing as how we ARE demons and all...

Red Ranger: You ARE?...Whoops. I forgot. Siwwy me...

Laharl: Ah. I see. This is Komedy. If you guys had been any REAL threat to me, you'd have transformed first and THEN come out.

Flonne: But that would've been devious and un-heroic--

Laharl: And LOGICAL--which, I know, goes against everything you stand for, Love Freak...

Red Ranger: That's it! I'm calling my army of demons to help me!

Laharl: Demons? You hired DEMONS? Wait...Isn't THAT devious and unheroic?

Red Ranger: No, because I did it in the name of JUSTICE!

Laharl: So. I see this "total disregard for logic" thing isn't just confined to the race of Angels...

Red Ranger: Blue! Yellow! I will make sure that your tragic deaths---

Etna: Um. I only winged them. They should still be alive...

Red Ranger: Ahem...er....I will make sure that your near fatal woundings...

Blue Ranger & Yellow Ranger: *coff* We're getting better....

Red Ranger: Aw fuggit. Demon Allies! ATTACK!!!!


Laharl: Sheesh. I think that could've been the most pointless battle we've fought thus far...

Etna: What about our battles with Mid-Boss?

Laharl: Oh yeah. Those were even more pointless. I'm so glad we won't have to fight HIM again.

Mid-Boss: You are mistaken, spiky-haired one!

Laharl: Oh no...

Mid-Boss: Oh YES! Behold! I AM your final challenger for the throne!

Laharl: But I beat you twice already... This ain't fa-hay-hair.....


Mid-Boss: Oh dear... Can't fight anymore...Stomach spasms...Must've been something I ate.

Etna: You kiddin' Mid-Boss? You look like you haven't eaten in over a YEAR!

Mid-Boss: Well, forgive moi for not being able to think up graceful and convincing excuses off the cuff! *runs*

Laharl: Please tell me this is over.

Flonne: It's over. And there are no more challengers. Which means...

Laharl: Which meeeeans.... I'M LARGE AND IN CHARGE! WOOOOOOOO!!!!

Etna: Well, whattaya know. Laharl's finally Overlord now.

Flonne: Yup. *giggle*

Etna: And to think that YOU --an angel-- helped make it happen.

Flonne: Yup..................Oh figs.....

Vulcanus: Master Lamington! The shizznit has officially hit the fan!

Seraph: Has it? *yawn*

Vulcanus: Yes! Flonne has just helped Krichevskoy's son become the Overlord! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Seraph: I'll....have to think about it.

Vulcanus: You mean you'll stand there with that stupid, sleepy expression on your face, looking bored and disinterested as usual... Well I'm sorry! I think we should be a BIT more pro-active here, so I'm going to deal with this situation myself! *vanish*

Seraph: *Sigh.* And the reason I hired this maniac to be my second-in-command was----?

Flonne: Oh no! If the Seraph hears of what I've done, I may lose my job!

Etna: That'd be a tough break in this economy... Hey, I know, Flonne. Why don't you become a demon and work for US?

Flonne: I may be completely lacking in logic, but I ain't CRAZY!!

Laharl: PH33R M3!!! 1 4m t3h 0v3rl0rd! 4bs0lut3 p0w0r r0x0rZ!!!!

Episode Seven - Of being an Overlord