Episode Two - Enter Flonne

Narrator: Celestia, a place where angels live. Said to be connected to the Netherworld and the human world by several nexi--er--nexuxesess... Here is one such nexu--er...place.

Seraph: Flonne! Where ARE you?

Flonne: You rang, Master Lamington?

Seraph: Yes I did. I have an important job for you, but first, let's take a nature break.

Flonne: Ahhh...Flowers! I love flowers! They're so pretty and lively! I'd like to be just like them someday...

Seraph: You know how they say you should be careful what you wish for, Flonne...

Flonne: Eh? What do you mean, Master Lamington?

Seraph: .....Nothing. Let's get down to business. For your first assignment as an Angel Trainee, I want you to go down into the Netherworld and whack King Krichevskoy.

Flonne: Whack King Krichevskoy?

Seraph: Yes. Terminate with extreme prejudice...Now, scoot...

Flonne: Um....Oooookay...

Vulcanus: Master Lamington! What in the hell were you thinking, sending that little screw-up, Flonne, to assassinate King Krichevskoy?

Seraph: You think you would have made a better assassin?

Vulcanus: Let's see... scary face, built like a brick shithouse with wings, voice that can crush gravel--yeah, I think I possess more of the necessary qualities required of your typical anime-style assassin...

Seraph: Yes, but you lack the two things necessary for the successful completion of this mission... The ability to look cute, and the ability to make unusual sneaking noises.

Flonne: Wumph! PH33R my mad ninja NINJA SKILLZ! Nin nin! HA! I made it into the throne room! Although.... now I find myself running smack into an ethical dilemna concerning the morality of my mission. Not the most convenient of times for this to be happening...

Laharl: Not to worry. My unexpected entrance and our comical first meeting ought to distract you from your inner tension.

Flonne: Hey, you're right. They did. Thanks for all your help...... Welp. G'bye!

Laharl: Oh no you don't! Guards! Guards!

Etna: You rang?

Laharl: Yes! After that assassin!

Etna: You mean that cute little angel chick? Aww, was-ums scared by the cute wittwe angew?

Laharl: Shut it, you. And go capture her!

Flonne: Oh no! Trapped! Time to call up my army of---

Zombies: Aroooooo....

Flonne: Zombies? Oookay... I was hoping for something less slimy and disgusting and more "Pokemon-y", but this will do in a pinch, I guess...


Seraph: Who goes there?

????: It's me. Your old pal. ????.

Seraph: Oh, hi, ????. Any news? How are things progressing?

????: Well enough. Have Flonne and Laharl hooked up yet?

Seraph: If by "hooked up" you mean, "engaging in a farcical wild-goose chase across an entire level", then yes.

????: Ah. Eeeeexcellent. It's all falling into place. *Mr. Burns Finger-Twiddle*

Flonne: Oh no! They're still coming! Looks like I'll have to cast a sleep spell on them!

Etna: Which I will counter using a fireball!

Flonne: Which I will then counter using a mirror spell!

Laharl: Girls. This doesn't look very--


Laharl: ...safe...

Etna: Oops. Sorry.

Laharl: My hair! It's ruined! You how HARD it is to shape hair into a set of perfect rabbit ears? Even ANIME hair? Oooh! Someone's gonna die!

Flonne: Meep. A dead end.

Laharl: "Dead" is right...

Flonne: Ah! *giggle* But I have one more ace up my sleeve!

Dragon: Grrrrr!!!

Etna: That's some ace. Looks more like a dragon.

Laharl: Ace or dragon. Anything that comes up against me is gonna get trashed!


Dragon: Blarg! *dies*

Flonne: Ulp!

Laharl: Ha! You will regret the day you decided to pick a fight with the great Laharl!

Flonne: The great La-whozit, now?

Etna: Uhhh. I think we might have a case of mistaken identity here...

Flonne: What? Your father, King Krichevskoy is already dead? *sniff* How sad...

Laharl: Why are you crying, you ditz!? YOU were gonna kill him!

Flonne: Yes but....I'm thinking how sad YOU must be...losing him like that...

Laharl: You've got some serious toys in your attic, blondie. And just WHY would I be sad?

Flonne: Because you loved him. You DID love him, right?

Laharl: Hellooo. I'm a demon. Love kind of goes against everything I stand for...

Flonne: How sad. *sniffle*

Laharl: Great. You're starting to sound just like my dead mother. (Oh and thanks SO MUCH for reminding me of my tragic backstory, by the way. You little freak.)

Flonne: I've decided! I have a new mission! I must stay here and determine whether or not demons really ARE capable of feeling love! And if it turns out that they aren't, well....then I'm afraid I'll have to kill you, Prince. Mind?

Laharl: Not at all. Be my guest....

Etna: Well things certainly have taken a strange turn around here... But hey, this might work out in my favor, so I'll shut up and roll with it.

Episode Three - A Hint of Kindness