Episode 1 - Prince of the Netherworld

Narrator: Once Upon a Time in Hell, a powerful ruler named Krichevskoy died. Chaos, anarchy and a bunch of other bad stuff resulted, until the time finally came for the ruler's bratty son to take up the reins of power.

Laharl: Let me finish my nap first..Zzzzzzz.

Etna: Wakey, wakey, Prince!

Laharl: Five more minutes...

Etna: You've had TWO YEARS.

Laharl: The hell? I've been asleep for two years? WHY DIDN'T MY ALARM GO OFF?

Etna: Beats me. Oh, and your father's dead and a bunch of other demons are vying for his throne, so if you want to consolidate your power and rule and stuff, you're going to have to go out and crack some skulls.

Laharl: I'd like to start with yours.

Etna: You can't. I'm your only vassal. Well, aside from the Prinnies I hired.

Laharl: Prinnies?

Prinny Squad: Dood!

Laharl: Oh Anti-thesis of God! You mean to tell me my current forces consist of a goth chick and a bunch of wise-cracking, exploding penguins? Something tells me this whole "consolidating power" thing is going to be an uphill battle.

Etna: You don't know the half of it. Well, shall we go conquer the first castle?

Laharl: If by "conquer", you mean, "steal everything that isn't nailed down" then sure.

Prinny Squad: Dood! Five-finger discount time!

Laharl: You idiots don't HAVE fingers--Wait... There's someone in this castle...


Laharl: Someone VERY GAY, from the sound of it.

Sassy Demon: Ah, so visitor's have come to invade moi's house. I am Vyers, the "Dark Adonis!"

Etna: We're underwhelmed. *yawn*

Vyers: So, son of Krichevskoy, you have come to challenge moi!

Laharl: Not really, but if you want, I'll call you Mid-Boss, treat you like the comic relief figure you apparently are, and kick your ass from here to Sunday.

Mid-Boss: Mid-Boss? C-Comic relief? I'll show you!


Mid-Boss: Well, you may have won THIS round, short round, but this is not the last you'll be seeing of moi! *runs*

Laharl: A have a sinking feeling you may be right. Aw well. Time to bring home our booty.

Etna: Um, I have to make a pit-stop. Bye!

Prinny Squad: Why does that girl always run off when there's work to be done, Dood?

Big Sis Prinny: Because she's smarter than the rest of us put together.

Etna: And more devious. Let us not forget devious.

????: That's certainly true. Although I'm sure I can trust you to help me carry out my eeeeeevil plan to kill Prince Laharl and usurp the throne.

Etna: You can count on me, O mysterious one....(Sucker)....

Episode Two - Enter Flonne