Anime Links:

The Anipike - Biggest collection of Anime-related links on the 'net. It's back and (hopefully) better than ever.
Anime News Network - Your one-stop source for the latest anime news. - Official online distributor of the "How to Draw Manga" series of art books. They sell supplies, too.
Anime Gamers - Another great source for manga-making supplies, - books, pens, paper and screentones. They sell DVDs, CDs and manga, too. - Ditto.
Anime Digital - A UK-based anime 'zine run by e-buddy Joe (who's mad programmin' skillz were responsible for the neat and pretty page layout on Elder Star.)


The Queen of Swords - Vast fanfiction collection. And she's the author of Elder Star, so I have to plug her site first.
Silvestris - Fabulous CG artworks - Art and Comics by the ever-talented Syrena Done. Is home to the Snape Society a major Harry Potter fanworks site.
QP Diana - QP/Diana's a veritable Slayers Encyclopedia and she's got translation of the original Slayers novels on her website, to boot.
Gigi's Art Gallery - It's bisholicious!
Studio Kyrn - Pointy ears, anime/fantasy art, fangirlishness...

Online Comics

Megatokyo - The Ever-Lovin' Mother of all Online Webcomics...
8-Bit Theatre - The "Gone With the Wind" of Final Fantasy-Inspired Sprite Comics
Magical Boys - An original, anime-style online comic written by the Queen of Swords and drawn by Gigi. A hilarious send-up of "Magical Girl"-style shojo manga
The Circle Weave - An engaging, full-color fantasy weekly.
Steal with a Kiss - My e-buddy Papi's Slayers fancomic.
Corin Wentworth Productions - Home to some incredible Anime Art and to "Magical Pageant" an original manga-style webcomic that looks soooooo professional. (*Sigh*)
Eugene's Fanmanga - Several excellent Slayers fanmangas, including "Bloody Buddy", in which the Slayers gang has a hilarious run-in with a not-too-scary vampire.
Silence - by e-pals Gigi and Dust Traveller. It's a surprisingly dark tale, considering it's about elves and all...
Kade - Indy comic site by Sean O'Reilly. A dark, ninja-revenge-type story.

Miscellaneous Links

Mr. T vs. Everything! - See '80's pop-icon Mr. T face off against...everything!
Elfwood - A great place for aspiring artists who are looking for a classy, ad-free place to display their fantasy and fanart...
Mr. Cranky's Movie Reviews - The world's onriest movie reviewer!
The Straight Dope - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973! (It's taking them longer than they thought...)
The Flying Moose of Nargothrond - Horrible name. Great website. Home to the Tolkien Sarcasm page, the best LotR humor site on the 'net. - Toastyfrog...Video game and movie reviewer, pop-culture machine.....
The Pathology Guy - Go see this site. Your brain will thank you.
John's Freeloading Webpage - Home to the Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches and other fun stuff - Home to some snifty-keen comic art and CG tutorials. - That's "X" as in "Generation X". A place where pathetic twenty and thirty-somethings can indulge in '80's childhood nostalgia.
So You've Decided to Be Evil? - A Step-by-Step Guide to joining the Forces of Darkness
Dictionary of RPG Cliches - by Fritz Fraundorf
The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clich�s - sounds the same as the above link, but it ain't - Laugh your ass off at some the saddest attempts to comprehend our language made by other cultures.
Wave Magazine: Seanbaby Archives - Best. Webcolumnist. Ever.
The Best Page in the Universe - Not for the easily offended. - Ditto
Despair, Inc. - Demotivational posters. For life in the REAL world... - Screw CNN, THIS should be your one-stop news source..
Acts of Gord - If the Simpson's Comic Book Guy had his own website, I imagine it would be a lot like this...