Hamlet: The Miscellaneous

Hamlet: The Manga--
The Prequel

A short story written by David Schwager which tells the tale of how one of Shakespeare's greatest and most depressing plays got into the hands of the Slayers Universe's greatest and most depressing chimera...

"Big Hands"

Page 77 of my Hamlet manga, as re-lettered by the Queen of Swords. A hilarious re-working of Garv's big entrance, which makes the codpiece-related yaoi exchange between Zelgadis and Xelloss look like a trip to church. It's probably the funniest thing you'll see on this entire site, but it's a bit on the blue side, so mature readers only, 'kay?

All I Ever Needed To Know in Life, I Learned By Reading Hamlet: The Manga

A funny list by SilvorMoon.

 Calor, yaoi y pasion en la mas loca y divertida obra de la Historia

For the Spanish speaking portion of our audience, a re-editing and re-working of a portion of my Hamlet manga in the manner of the "Big Hands" feature (see above). Created and sent in to me by Moonkat Nekosmic. To see a list of translations into English, (what I've had sent in to me so far), click here.