Hamlet:The Fanart!

Amethyst Angel's Policy on Accepting Fanart

So you've read my Hamlet manga, and you felt inspired to create a little artwork of your own as a tribute to it.
(Yaaayy *Cheers*) First, I thank you, and I appreciate all the time and effort you were willing to put into your work.
Before submitting work for posting in my Hamlet Fanart Gallery, here are a few guidelines you should follow:

First, try to keep the files to a reasonable size (roughly 400 x 600 pixels)

Second: this is a family-friendly site. (Well, a family-grudging-acceptance-for-site, anyway). Please ensure
that the content of your artwork is in keeping of that fact.

Um... Well.... That's about it. If you have anything you'd like to submit to the gallery, please e-mail it to:

Oh, and you'll probably notice once you enter the gallery that there's a banner ad on the top of the page.
Due to the fact that I'm running out of room on the server where I'm keeping my Hamlet files, I've had to
appropriate some free webspace for myself... Not something I would prefer to do, (or would have to resort to
doing in an ideal world,)
but alas, this is not an ideal world...Sigh *Has a melancholy Hamlet-type moment*

Okay, 'nuff of this...

On with the Art!

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