The Normal Ending


Seraph: Ouchies. This hurts. And red is SO not my color. *dies*

Laharl: Welp. THAT didn't help the situation any. Looks like I'll have to sacrifice myself to save Flonne, in much the same way that my mother sacrificed herself to save me.

Etna: Wow. Irony sure is a bitch, ain't it, Prince? But hey, I get to take over now, right?

Laharl: Right..... Sheesh. Try not to sound TOO broken up about it, Etna. ***FLASSHHH****

Mid-Boss: Oh dear. Did I arrive too late to save the day? Silly moi.


Etna: Hooray, I'm Queen of Hell now.

Flonne: And I'm no longer a flower.

Laharl: And I'm a prinny with spiky, rabbit-ear-shaped hair and red eyes.... This ending SUCKS ASS.

The GOOD Ending


Laharl: I win! I should kill you now, Seraph, but, as satisfying as that might be, it won't bring Flonne back. Looks like I'll have to sacrifice myself to save her, in much the same way that my mother sacrificed herself to save me.

Kurtis: And how will you do that, exactly?

Laharl: I dunno. But I suspect this problem can be solved the way nearly all problems in this game are solved. By gathering energy and going "HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

Mid-Boss: Hooold on thar!

Laharl: Sorry. Trying to kill self. No time for comic relief today.

Mid-Boss: Would you listen to someone else for just two seconds? I'm trying to teach you something important here about the value of love and friendship!

Laharl: You can tell me all about it once I'm dead.

Mid-Boss: But there's no reason for you to die! Look!

Flower: **FLASHHH** Turns back into Flonne.

Flonne: Oh my. I'm alive. And I have a pointy tail. What gives?

Mid-Boss: You've become a Fallen Angel.

Etna: Nice wings, Flonne. Red is SO your color.

Laharl: The hell--? You mean, Sleepy Eyes wasn't going to bump her off after all?

Mid-Boss: Of course not! You and Flonne are the knot which will tie the Netherworld and Celestia together! Presumably through a future relationship of some sort.

Laharl: Me and Flonne? Aww, but I don't like girls, and even if I did, Flonne's about as sexy as a Teletubbie.

Mid-Boss: Wait till puberty hits. This is ANIME™ after all. In a few years, you'll be a horndog and she'll be a cute, bouncy bundle of fan-service. (Of course, being an anime hero, you'll probably have at least a dozen other girls falling head over heels in love with you, trying to sabotage your relationship and generally making your life a living hell, but I'm sure it won't be anything you can't handle.)

Laharl: Oh gee. It sounds like it's going to be so much fun. But of course, this begs the question: HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS?!

Mid-Boss: No reason... as I said before... I am no one of importance...

Laharl's Mother: And if you believe that, there's a bridge on Earth in a place called Brooklyn that we'd like to sell to you.

Mid-Boss: So long, sonny! And may da Schwartz be vit yoooouuuuuu! *sparklies* *vanishes*

Laharl: ......I have a weird-ass family.