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Costume Galleries

- check out their forums for prop and armoring advice.

Costuming Tutorials - Advice on making molded, "organic-type" armor

Studio Creations - Hi-impact armor, props. Focus on vacu-forming, latex.

Jedi Elf Queen's Costume and Artwork Site - contains many beautiful LOTR costumes and costuming tutorials, as well as --

Jedi Elf Queen's Elven Warriors Site which contains useful advice on how to create costume armor with paper mache and a variety of other materials.

The Armour Archive - Armor history and huge armor pattern archive

Cosplay Crimes - (and how to avoid committing them)

Tips, Tricks and Useful Sites - It's all in Japanese, so I have no idea what this guy's name is, but he's been making armor for gazillions of years and has a method of armormaking which involves glueing vinyl over foam. His stuff is pretty amazing, to say the least.

Gadget Tool's Armor Page - A site in which a Japanese cosplayer explains the materials and principles behind the vinyl-over-foam armormaking method. Very educational.

Fiberglass 101 & 102 - Containing Paper Wing's tutorials on the use of *shudder* fiberglass. (Should you decide you actually WANT to take your life into your own hands...)

Jongleur's Working with Polymer Clay Tutorial

Tessaiga Tutorial V. 2.0 - A good "how to make a huge-ass oversized sword out of insulation foam and fiberlgass" tutorial.

Avatrix's Guide To Making The Kubikiri Houcho - Another good prop sword tutorial.

Costuming Research

Lord of the Rings Costume Research Site - Detailed breakdowns for every costume in LOTR, plus advice on armoring, making false ears, etc.

Milieux: The Costume Site - Costume image, supply and tutorial resource.

The Costume Page - Massive costume research archive. Over 2000 links.

Anime Firearms - A rundown of the guns used by various anime characters. Another useful link: Game Firearms

The Replica Prop Forum - A bunch of (very civilized) Brits discussing mostly Star Wars-related props and armor, although there's good advice to be had for the anime cosplayer if you dig hard enough.


The Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links Page

Vector Graphic Logos - Contains printable graphics of the Hellsing sigil, Nerv logo and some graphics from LOTR and Star Wars. - The ultimate Naruto cosplay resource, back online and better than ever! Has lots of Full Metal Alchemist and Gothic Lolita patterns too!

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