The next step was to hotglue a piece of looped wire to the interior of the top plate, to serve as a hook to hang the automail's colored electrical wires on. (The wires themselves won't be attached until after the armor has been painted.)

In this photo, you can get an idea of where the looped wire should be, relative to the body. (In this photo you can also see I've glued a T-shaped plate around the perimeter of the top flat plate. Forgot to mention that step.)

The next step after this was to make a couple of plates shaped like this one and glue them to the bottom of the T-shaped plate.

I ran a few stitches on either side of the T-shaped plate at the points where it connected to the body plate. This created something of a hinge which would allow the plate to move up and down slightly in tandem with the arm. I covered the spot where I had made the stitches with studs, and then I sunk a few more studs into the upper arm plates as shown...

Now as I said, I didn't attach the wires until after all the painting was done, but you can see in this photo how I glued them and how I will feed them through the looped wire.

A clear vinyl strap will hold the armor piece to the body. (Clear vinyl can be found at many fabric stores - usually in the home dec section along with all the picnic tablecloth and other outdoor fabric.) The strap itself should be about 1-1/4" wide. The length will depend on the chest size of the wearer. If the strap by itself isn't enough to hold the armor to your body, you might want to stick double-sided carpet tape to the underside of the body piece just before you wear it. (OR you might want to try using a medical adhesive if you want a really strong bond.)

It was at this point that I finished making the "transmuted arm" grill, (which followed the pattern of the regular grill, except it had a sharp, weapony point at the end of it.) Other than the point, the construction of the transmuted grill is exactly the same.

Here are all the finished pieces waiting to be painted...

Almost done now...

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