Not long ago I wrote a how-to guide called Amethyst Angel's Guide to Making Really Kickass Costume Armor. After some time had passed I decided (based on feedback I had received) to revise the book. The first thing I did was scrap the title for something more academic-sounding. I then broke up the book into two volumes--the first became Volume One of my Compendium which gives a general introduction to armor and propmaking, and contains information on setting up a workspace, tools, research, etc. The second (which became Volume Two of my Compendium) deals with armor patternmaking and construction. I had to add some extra content to Volume One to pad it out a little, but probably not enough to justify buying both books if you've already ordered the Kickass Guide. (Volume Three, the book that deals with props, has entirely new material, however, and I recommend picking that up if you're interested in the subject.)

Note: there are no "black and white" versions of the the new texts, but there are full color CD versions that are considerably cheaper than the books. I hope that makes up for it somewhat.

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